Supercar Drifters COMPILATION Toy Car drifting

SEE FULL MOVIES HERE Please see my Matchbox Motorway …

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12 Responses

  1. Dylan The Shiny Victini

    You make your stop motions so smooth! It's amazing!

  2. Kevin Barwiler

    Boy seeing this Video reminded me of sitting with my Grandpa in the front room and racing him on a Friday or Saturday night. Thank you.    🙂

  3. diecasttvchannel

    Great work on this video! Very realistic and nice camera angles =)

  4. shesnailie

    Heh… there's a spammer infesting the Disqus forums bragging about how their room mate Lori was able to afford a MacLaren P1 working the scam be offered… However, since switching to some Google-based scam they've only been able to afford a Land Rover…

    Oh, and… get out of that boat cow. You don't have a rudder, you have an udder…

  5. Cosmic Collision

    What a great video! I have the Carrera GT and the Sesto Elemento.