Supercars Drag Race in Bangalore | Vroom 2016 | INDIA

Drag Race event in Bangalore, India | Vroom 2016.

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15 Responses

  1. rahul solanki

    GTR OR Maruti 800 ki race😂😂😂 wht the fckk*

  2. AwEsOmE Akshat

    Supercars bolke zed ki drag show kar rahe ho yaar

  3. Souptik Ferdinand Gupta

    Drag races are boring … Circuit Knockout races are amazing

  4. Fox Fortunes

    Hi Vipin, I want to know more about this community who conducts these races in Bangalore. Can you share some info.

  5. Chinmay Sarkar

    what is the name of the car shown in 5:16secs at the time of the video

  6. Nicole

    lame drag race… hahahaha
    u guys call this drag race.,.. what the fuck?

  7. Jonty Das

    may i knw the red audi was of which series!! tht was sick sick… launch was awesme.. and a freaking no wheelspin… the person was gr8

  8. mano arjun

    Wow thanks man , and I have a video of GTR AND R8 in Coimbatore , I followed them , do u want it?

  9. Mathew Jose

    Any idea about the Engine of the TOYOTA SUPRA…? swapped or Normal..?