Supercars Drag Racing 1 – Veyron, P1, 918, Huracan, 650S

BrianZuk records 20 minutes worth of supercars drag racing on an empty 1/2 mile runway at the October 2015 Shift-S3ctor California Airstrip Attack! Supercars …

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46 Responses

  1. David Victoria

    Supercars Drag Racing 1 – Drivers who cant launch for shit edition – Veyron, P1, 918, Huracan, 650S

  2. Martono Sapto Yuono

    Lamborghini aventador roadster n huracan ferrari Enzo n gtb

  3. rizaaq gopal

    Italian cars don't accelerate as much as German and British supercars and they price them too much smh……..

  4. Monkey D Dragon

    Cant get over how fucked of a driver the guy is in the p1….HE CANT EVEN KEEP IT IN A STRAIGHT LINE!!

  5. Prateek Mishra

    Why do you zoom your camera ? …. we cant determine which is better

  6. andre vlogs

    you should change the title "supercar shitty driving part 1"

  7. Асан Арсымбаев

    не знаю откуда эти водители но я лучше справился бы

  8. E-FishinSea Sportfishing Charters Virginia Beach,VA

    SOOOOOO…….WTF was a mustang doing in this video ! kinda like letting the disabled kid to score a touchdown i guess ?

  9. fred wilson

    very boring really cars racing away form you no way to find out who won you just have to guess a waste of time

  10. Vadim Don

    Looks like not a single car started the race at the same time. Everyone started when they liked

  11. calbusa5

    Who the heck is driving these cars??? Find someone who knows how not to blow the tires off. Lol

  12. Alceu Filho

    No. Money doesn't make you drive better. Not even on a straight line.

  13. M Jones

    Awesome cars! …. except the GTR's- those things sound like vacuum cleaners.

  14. Shock

    if he don't zoom in, you get a better idea of how fast the cars are like the 911 at 3:35 or the r8 at 6:40.

  15. Daniel Batori

    Course the Veyron. But the twin turbo GT is sick man!!!

  16. Googlesux Bigtime

    Give me a Mustang, or a 71 XR7 3 speed. And I'll be happy.
    These cars are nice to look at, fun to take for a spin, now and then. But not what I want for an every day, muscle car.

  17. GrantMC100

    For a hypercar the P1 sounds absolutely awful. Cant stand it anyway but the sound OMG.

  18. Shantorey Wilkins