Supercars Drag Racing 2 – Aventador, 675LT, Veyron, LP640, F12

BrianZuk records 20 minutes worth of supercars drag racing on an empty 1/2 mile runway at the 2016 Shift-S3ctor Exotic Airstrip Attack! Supercars such as the …

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49 Responses

  1. Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda

    so, which one do you prefer for daily commuter?

  2. xBuzz996

    you can't even see who's winning, what's the point of this video?

  3. fred wilson

    what a hope-lees place no cameras down the far end you just have to use your eyes and guess who won.

  4. zion larue

    the murci is trash bro it's losing to acceleration to all cars

  5. Adrian Rodriguez

    please add camera inside the cars, side angles showing who's winning and mph… your videos are awesome

  6. Ramboo Singh

    none of them knows how to launch the lambos and ferraris -_-

  7. Johnny “thoughtMaze” Just Johnny

    more camera angles please! times? need at lease 4 cameras

  8. Joe Magnets

    sure it's kinda fun watching guys wring out their engines, but without time slips, timing equipment, ya just wearing out your motor and finding out how much an engine rebuild is gonna cost, before you can sell it.'

  9. max Pilbeam

    how can you have a drag strip in dust!?!?!? 4wd favoured!

  10. jc santos

    super sport cars extraterrestrial in the air the smell of burnt clutch luv it what more can you ask for…

  11. Randi “Chicken nugget” Gal

    i like seeing these drag race it relays to me how fast these cars are. i was raised on drag racing. 14.8 in the slolom means nothing to me..door to door at an all out drag relays to me..great video.

  12. Premo King

    Never understood why there wasn't a camera at the finish line

  13. Pondjumper1

    Loving the sounds, don't misunderstand, but like hearing a joke and missing the punchline at the end

  14. Pondjumper1

    Why don't that the people who make these ever put a camera at the finish line so we can actually see who wins? Doh!

  15. JoeyandLindsay

    Good launch perspective, but bad angles to see who won down the stretch.

  16. tricky415

    would be cool with a mid point and ending footage/ cameras set up. but damn some epic cars

  17. Austin Mckenzie

    Wow I can say it's perfect good vid dude👌🏽

  18. Igg1 P0p

    Every car should have a cam inside to show the speed & most import who has win ..btw amazing line up!

  19. Samaksh Uppal

    The Murcielago V12 still sends shivers down my spine!

  20. Sam Cameron-Berko

    Sorry but with the $millions worth of cars you guys are obviously not short of funds so why-oh-why can't you set up cameras at the END of these courses so we can get the start and end of the races and not have to squint into the distance figuring out who won and by how much!

  21. Tanbin Khan

    Where's the result? I wanted to Secen who wins the races.