Supercars Drag Racing 3 – 488 GTB, UGR Huracan, F12, Aventador, 650S

BrianZuk records 20 minutes worth of supercars drag racing on an empty 1/2 mile runway at Shift-S3ctor’s California Airstrip Attack, in ‘Supercars Drag Racing 3’ …

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42 Responses

  1. nima talebi

    Can some one tell me why the driver of Viper keep pressing breaks between changing gears LOL

  2. Carlos Sandoval

    2L8 IWUN's lambo is legendary, the driver here is a beast.

  3. Captain Jack Sparrow

    That murcielago is no joke he almost beat aventador or he beat it and the aventador beat f12 berlinetta.Just wow.What model is the black porche he sound soo good

  4. WGACA

    When a Lambo hits the throttle, you don't even hear the other cars anymore

  5. anton mairj

    I Love Ferrari but rear wheel drive is a handicap in drag racing compared to having four wheels pulling.

  6. Tim Tursonoff

    Wait, was the Murcielago RWD conversion? Sounded amazing either way. Thanks!

  7. rickstarks

    what's the point in showing a video if you're not gonna show who won the races?

  8. nihal cavadzade

    All lamos are the best I like others too but lambo is life sound acceleration luxury beauty handling breaking every thing you want

  9. Gabriel Balfour

    what part of california is this at and what dates do you run the cars in

  10. nothing1099

    you don't post videos in 60 frames per second
    cameras can do that so you can do slow motion

  11. BlacKnight 1999X

    Man all the the Lamborghinis are beating every single car in this video!!!! Lamborghini for life!!!!!😎😎😎😎

  12. Benelux supercars

    Happy newyear
    Great video's on this channel of some great super / hyper cars !
    To all car fans,let us petrolheads help each other !
    sub me and i will sub you

  13. colin garder

    Was the 6 speed manual murcialago faster than the non 6 speed?

  14. Marcelo S

    the 488 is amazing, It's a shame that the riders drop badly in almost every race.. amazing video

  15. Trish Mahamed

    I need to save every single 💰 this year for the lambo

  16. koenigseggccxr9

    I have a question. Why do the people take their wings off their cars? Does it improve aero or something? Loved the video as always too my dude.


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