Thanks for watching! Me and Zach are both really excited about the E36, and to get him some seat time in it. Stay tuned for the build! Merch- …

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27 Responses

  1. Timothy Bruni

    I like this kid from haggard was like damn he the star here doing everything…now buying a car for ya FAM …can I be ya drift buddy 2 shittt

  2. Pierre Washington

    Aw man , should’ve kept the 1j to put in there

  3. Oussama Azizi

    No need for any crazy mods and stuff for the moment, just get the car running and learn to drift first ! My opinion

  4. Luis Pena

    My big brother has been in the penitentiary for 8 years now, every day he tells me he wishes he can do this same thing for me. Family is everything, keep it up bro. God bless!

  5. Leatherkid01

    Your bro gonna LS swap the E36 too eventually? Good choice btw…. Youll switch him over from Hondas ……maybe? Haha …..keep it up Austin 😉

  6. Chris Tuem

    no suspension and wheels on – he already thnks about boosting it xDDD What a legend 😀

  7. Ricky St3am6oat

    “Everything is on switches” – has cut wires hanging everywhere lol


    thats awesome man that you, your bro and your dad are all into cars! keep the vids coming man respect

  9. stathis rompotis

    Nice progect man E36 good cars for drift its e very good start nice

  10. Odd Squad

    Yo you n zach are lit lol meet y'all on Xbox 1 on forza haha