Teaching Nicole to Drift GONE WRONG

Nicole has been wanting to learn how to drift for quite some time now. Something went wrong and the car caught on fire… All that matters is we’re both safe and …

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31 Responses

  1. Derreck Nelsen

    Your patience and her skill are absolutely amazing! Keep it up!

  2. sK Syzygy (Awitis)

    Marco😂😂😂😂 one piece wood – that vid is funny

  3. Oscar Olson

    You should have made a heat shield for the fluids, this is very common.

  4. Matt Barry

    This should serve as a warning to all men everywhere, fa mails simply lack the common sense and initative us men have, it's not discrimination it's genetics, girls suck bottom line they fuck your car and miss the recording of the Damnage they created, lol fuck girls

  5. Mr Assassin101

    I think when I love your gratitude really bad like that

  6. Ultimat Sniper

    Adam for your merch can you start making pants, shorts, socks, and shoes if it isn't to hard to do. Hope you can do it I am purchasing a hat, shirt and phone case

  7. Vince Pike

    helpful tip: it will help If she looks in the intended direction she wants the vehicle to go, your hands naturally want to follow your eyes.she seemed to be looking straight and not where she wanted to go. doing great….haha she progressed faster than a handful of guys i have to teach car control too at work!!!!!!!! keep it up!

  8. DemoN

    you cant do that because whenever you join a lobby ROCK STAR'S new mod finder will report you and you'll get banned and they will reset your account.

  9. Cody Smith

    best learning experience is when you burn a car down, not even being sarcastic.

  10. vinny44ax z

    That guy was spraying water on his hot engine I thought doing that will crack your head/block?

  11. aaron “de” neef

    most times trucks are the ones whit flaming brakes. brakes can be super Hot and mabey ignite a fire?

  12. Gary Boyce

    Hey Adam could you do a video on your hydro e brake with a closer look at it or send me some closer pics

  13. TRG Teddy

    My dad is a mechanic and he spills brake fluid over oil stains and burns the fluid and it gets rid of the oil stain

  14. Charles The Game God

    My Mud bog truck caught on fire because of the transmission over heated

  15. Josh Kunkel

    proud of nicole! its nice to see a women with an interest in cars.