Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale Drag Racing

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27 Responses

  1. Alexis Bianchi

    fuck yea Tesla won fuck you lambo your a waste of fuvking money

  2. oliverupload

    The Lamborghini is like the turtle, and the Tesla is the rabbit

  3. RobertsDigital

    Fast or not I will take the tesla because it's on the innovative side. It's both a computer and a car and it can drive itself.
    Fast cars are cool but not all cars are designed to be super fast. Every car has its primary purpose.

  4. Quantum Consciousness

    On real public roads, as soon as the Tesla clears the Lambo, it would've cut over in front of the Lambo and prevent the Lambo from going any faster.

    Tesla wins!

  5. DeadExcuses

    Why dont people get that tesla will only ever be good in the short run. You never see a video where the tesla wins a mile race vs these cars.

  6. EugVR6

    p85d looks like a ford mondeo so fuck paying all that money for a fast electric ford mondeo…….
    also the lamborghini should have used launch control, probably a different story all together then….
    and ultimately what would the masses rather have on their drive way!….

  7. Tito Wateves

    Tesla is the beginning of the future. Goodbye dangerous hydrocarbons!

  8. _ ecKo

    put that electric piece of shit in its place

  9. JimmyJames82

    I was busy watching the cars in the background on the highway drag racing against the Rarri and Tesla

  10. Turd Ferg

    Doesn't the Lambo have launch control? Seems a little slow from a dig.

  11. Sander Luis

    fast start and end like a shit… daam

  12. Roshan Kumar Dixit

    Lamborghini go beep yourself 😂

  13. Anonyme Person

    My Girlfriend is like my Lamborghini.
    I dont have one

  14. phil yip

    Just wait until Lamborghini makes an electric car !!!! Then we can all have our cake and eat it too !!!

  15. nodutherone

    Best analogy for a tesla is an "electric blender". 0 to full speed instantly..Doesnt mean fastest just super torque.

  16. Alexander Nordhaug

    Why dont the Lambo use launch control?

  17. AssassinCred15

    That is a lambo stradale not super trofeo

  18. Bryn Lockie

    pretty clear that petrol is dead. if not today them very soon

  19. Hector T

    The vehicles on the regular traffic lane were faster that the Tesla ? minute 0:50

  20. herman bolduev

    All these videos look fake. What is this Tesla promotion or something. Tesla is given a head start in every case/

  21. SHADEZ

    impressive to 60…so what?! A REAL power car can kick it down at 60 and pass 10 cars uphill against a 60 mph wind. This battery shit will NEVER be the future unless they make a complete car. For the love of god 2 cup-holders for a passenger car?? no console, i imagine the sound system is terrible, and a GIANT screen to blind and distract the driver at night. And i really do not see the future being Tesla at 100k per car, or any other maker. All of you entitled millennials pounding your chest over your cute little electric car that finally has some nuts, don't get used to it. It will be for the few and the rich. When they price them at 30k and have chargers every 100 miles at stations all around the country…then maybe, but Americans love muscle, and Tesla is not muscle, not to mention the lack of luxury. Give me a CTS V any day.