Tesla Model S P85D vs Muscle Cars Drag Racing Round 2

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34 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Long

    Tesla got rekt by a $10,000 foxbody. How can it even compete?

  2. Jamie Ostrowski

    Ah but I'd take the sound and look of those classic cars any day of the week. I want a musclecar that coughs thunder, not a fast appliance.

  3. Coleton Cook

    that's pretty embarrassing to see an electric car beat a drag car lol

  4. Jacob Begalka

    so I just read a comment saying a base electronic trick sedan beating heavily modified muscle cars ……hahaha one .. these cars are no where near heavily modified

  5. Bruce Miller

    The Tesla beat the high reving 2 stroke blue car, Its the low end torque and no noise.

  6. taxiuniversum

    LOL – libarul Tessler whoppin some ass amongst good chrischun rednecks.

  7. funbus

    I don't care how fast a Tesler is, i'd take any of those muscle cars over it any day 🙂

  8. crazzylee

    Tesla needs to come out with a four motor version

  9. Faze Fan

    And in about 5 years you will need a $10k battery, plus installation/disposal costs. while the Gas engine is almost ready for a $500 tune up.

  10. Shaun Boyd

    So spend $100k on an electric car that looks like a Kia, just to get beat by most muscle cars worth $10k that actually look and sound awesome. what's the point? blow money?

  11. rob. g

    dat tesler taut he would gonna beat da man but naw doggie , lil pupsy couldn't not hang wit da big dawg ! awww lawdy !!!

  12. mglmouser

    Only bummer is, he didn't built that car and thus, not much to be proud of. Two racing Tesla would be a boring race because right now, there's practically nothing we can do to electric cars to enhance performance.
    My built Caliber SRT4 might only run a 13.3 quarter mile @ 108, but it's the one I built. And I'm pretty happy it still does 6.1L/100 HW.
    Like the Tesla, my Gen2 Volt has zero performance enhancement available. Other than stripping out the interior. Its pointless to race it against anything else (especially the Tesla… 80k difference in price goes a long way in electric motor efficiency).

  13. Scott Dann

    The only reason the tesla tops out is because the motors directly drive the wheels. soon as they reach max rpm it won't go any faster. If there was a gearbox they could use that wouldn't create too many mechanical losses, or a higher rpm motor that can generate just as much torque, (will come in time) then top end speed will improve greatly. bit considering the speeds you should be driving on public roads anyway, the tesla will still beat you to any legal speed limit.

    Most Americans have detached houses with driveways or garages, so you'd get a days driving out of it then you plug it in overnight. that's easy enough. I live in a house with neither and my dedicated parking space is behind the block I live in. so running a lead out to my car isn't feasible yet. The more people who can buy these that will buy these, the infrastructure will grow.

    I hope tesla start making commercial vehicles too. That would be a much bigger boost to their economy

  14. Adam S

    of course they are running 1/8 mile because the "tesler" knows every single one of those cars would annihilate him in anything 1/4 mile or longer.

  15. zomski101

    Just need some Japanese to build a high performance battery powered car.

  16. Ilham Defra

    electric motors need more development to reach higher top speed

  17. Mad Pistol

    To everyone saying a Tesla P85D isn't fun, that 3.1s 0-60 time will blow the tires off 99% of cars currently on the road today.

  18. Tobbsnobb

    make a tesla with a manual transmission. tone down on the uneccesary functions, set a prize that you get what you pay for and give it a V8 and i'll dig it

  19. Eduardo Hernandez

    Both challenger and charger hellcat couldn't beat the tesla but, an old fox body could?

  20. SIRDAFT1_Production

    Proper comparison. Purpose built, one trick pony Tesla vs purpose built ICE drag cars. Funny to see big dollar modern day tech getting destroyed by 40 year old technology hacked together in some shade tree mechanics backyard.

  21. Rafiek Walker

    what are these videos trying to prove? the Tesla gets blown out time and time again?

  22. Dirtystang Productions

    Guy: what mods ye got in this here Tesler??
    Tesla owner: just a battery and a tune

  23. LeadFootLiam

    Electric has always been a better technology than gas.

  24. Faraonqa

    Im waiting for someone to cut the roof off the tesla and remove everything but the driver seat 😀

  25. alaskatraildancer

    The time is upon us to retire these noisy pieces of junk once and for all and get back to a quieter way of life.

  26. David Samborsky

    Old V8 clunker pieces of shit. Big oil, the car industry and governments have been conning us for years telling us that the only viable propulsion system was setting fire to it's oil byproducts. Now the Tesla comes along and shows us that this has all been one great big lie !! Wake up everyone – we have been conned !!