Tesla Model S Performance vs Dodge Viper SRT10 Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

Full Article: http://www.dragtimes.com/blog/tesla-model-s-performance-sets-world-record-for-the-quickest-production-electric-car.

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26 Responses

  1. Wayne Oneal

    for me..i appreciate performance regardless how its achieved! much respect to achievement.

  2. paul culpepper

    Viper would have gotten beat in the 1/4, but would win a 1/2 mile race easily.

  3. J D Diaz

    does not surprise me. Viper fast, Tesla faster

  4. Bruce Miller

    I still cant we cant get a fucking 2 stroke in a sports car.

  5. warren blue

    Viper beat by a tesla, fucking shame

  6. childof thelight

    If Sal Patel and his viper show up—

  7. childof thelight

    Try Sal Patel and his viper! Of course it's a stock weight drag car, lol

  8. Cup

    Jesus that Viper has some harsh gear changes.

  9. tubestick00

    they should chuck a two speed transmission in them. so it keeps pulling to 300 mph

  10. PanzamaGaming

    I know that people like so much loud exhaust but me I want something quiet and peaceful when you ride the tesla is just like that and when you do 0-60 it sounds like a futuristic car or a space ship XD

  11. Glib Petrachkov

    Tesla's shape is slowing acceleration after certain speed. It's a city car first for 5 people +2 kids

  12. Jeff Zahnd

    I'm suprised more rednecks don't buy teslas. They seem to be the perfect road kill car. 0-60 in 3 seconds and quiet? I'd be hunting more than just mustangs/camaros all day.

  13. Zach S

    The Tesla had a way faster getaway because it runs on a motor and doesn't have an engine. Motor acceleration doesn't require a transmission, so no shifting. Oh, and don't forget that electricity flowing from the battery to the motor is a much quicker reaction when stepping on the "gas" petal than when you have gasoline flowing to an engine.

  14. robbie rotten

    Why is everyone hating on the Viper? As fast as the Tesla is, the Viper is still the true enthusiast vehicle and if it were up to me I would always prefer a Viper over a Tesla regardless of who is faster. Just can't beat the joy of a manual transmission paired with a big V10….

  15. noahdhh

    Viper can go much faster around a race track, and tops out at 190 rather than 120. As far as the tesla being an ultra fast high occupancy vehicle, i think the charger hellcat outdoes it.

  16. wargarkaz

    Shut the fuck up Fuel cell kids, Its just a different power source for electric cars. Tesla could use fuel cells if they wanted to. its like saying Hydrogen engines would be better than an ICE. .. it IS one. Fuel cells ARE for electric cars, You're not going to see a different maker come out with them. If anything, tesla will be on them.

  17. Son Osmanli

    so proud and honour to have one ( Tesla Model S P85+). Love my car. Never, ever ! will drive gas car again.

  18. QualityIsNumber1

    I would love to see the Tesla P85D vs the Rimac Concept One. 🙂

  19. Carlitox b

    After this race they had to recharge it for three hours to run again hahahahaha btw a 991 turbo can beat this car


    Tesla is fast but believe me – you do NOT want to own one of these out of warranty!  The repair costs are frightening.

  21. CruelOptimism

    I already know who's going to get their ass handed to them.. but I'd like to watch it happen anyway

  22. Jose Carias

    lol the viper sounds like a kids toy, just noise and cant beat the superior and less expensive tesla