Tesla Model S v Holden V8 Supercar v Walkinshaw HSV GTS Drag Race

It’s on — a drag race of epic proportions. It’s the world’s fastest four-door sedan, the Tesla Model S P85D, against Australia’s fastest four-door sedans, the …

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23 Responses

  1. Mercy

    That was hilarious to watch!!! So many people are gonna be but hurt when they find that their million dollar cars and what not are nothing compared to an EV less than quarter its price

  2. vxsr33

    should have put the hsv against the v8 supercar

  3. Titanic 5972

    Not always about power. The Tesla is butt ugly! Give me an HSV any day!

  4. will rogers

    not that impressive. both holdens would stomp that telsa in a 1 mile drag or on any track with corners.

  5. I don't need a name

    Just realised the tesla looks like Elon musk ALOT

  6. Wole Oyeyele

    Take them down a twisty road or a circuit and the Tesla will crash into the wall it turn 1.

  7. guri singh jit

    fuckin n hell man that was some power in tesla to beat v8 supercar

  8. Puneet Dass

    Great video. Great commentators. Keep it up guys!

  9. Constantinos Mallios

    People are praising this car as if its a huge deal. It is known as the QUICKEST sedan and not the FASTEST sedan. It's top speed is shit and its only good in a straight line. If you put that in a race with the V8SC at Bathurst, the V8SC will dominate it because it can go FASTER. Any one with half a brain knows that electric = instant torque and its AWD. It isn't rocket science. You guys claim these cars are the future….keep dreaming. 100% electric cars won't be affordable for at least the next 50 years. The future is hybrid cars with alternative fuel sources.

  10. Peter Smart

    So I want to drive from Sydney to Brisbane. How long in the Tesla? 2 Days? Excellent…

  11. I don't need a name

    Electric cars can wait I'll be using petrol cars until
    Alll the oil has ran out inside the earth

  12. alphiejh1

    i bet the audi A8 plus can hold that tesla

  13. Amir Ismail

    even latest 1litre superbikes loses to this tesla.

  14. Asthetix TV

    This is not the fastest 4 door sedan. Is the quickest. Fastest = highest top speed. Quickest = shortest acceleration time. You would except a car channel to know the difference.

  15. Amkmkam Amakami

    Lmao skinhead redneck bogan chooses Second rate family sedan which is not an Australia car at all. 👌🏾

  16. datboi knows best

    I hate when people think a drag race shows how good a car is. Why not do some laps and see who wins? I hate teslas btw.

  17. Richard R

    hahahaha! try with the first corner, not everyone knows, but race cars have speed limitations, but better suspension, better aerodynamics, less weight, which means better lap time than any street super car, so, try to take a full lap, after the first corner you will never see the V8 anymore. This is as ridiculous as when comparing a fighter plane with a supercar, nice video,…after all. lol!