Tesla P100D Ludicrous Model S at our first cash days style street race where basically you buy into the race and winner takes all. In this case it was a $200 …

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22 Responses

  1. Sean Strack

    You need to rip out all the weight on one of your Teslas. Put a roll bar cage and install slicks. Electric GT managed to get one of their P85+ down from 3.8 to 3.1 sec.

  2. ajcsanders

    Nice work bro. Those cars are so over-powered, don't you worry they are going to wipe out and take you with them?

  3. Bob Newhart

    "Its called gasoline thats what its called" classic

  4. Glenn Glenn

    He's not a driver nor a pilot. All he's doing is pressing an " electric switch." No talent or skill required.

  5. Joe Black

    The possibility with what electric cars can do in the future is very exciting. Giant battery plus awd = 0 – 60 in the 1s.

  6. equizikal

    and then all cars were self-driven…  we will all miss the driving days not too far from now

  7. Connor C

    Did you win or lose? The description doesn't help m8

  8. John N

    When u are on a strip with good traction and that update in the software that can get you 0-60 in 2.4sec, you will be unstoppable!!

  9. Trevor Scott

    Why do you always take the left lane? Just curious.

  10. confinedPC

    can't wait to see you street race some more keep up the hard work!

  11. type-dRew

    Good runs. Shame you got that Luv in the first round. Most likely would've been a full night of racing other wise.

  12. Michael tucker

    How reliable has the teslas been since you've been ragging them out? Just curious how they are holding up.

  13. David Roasles

    I just started watching your videos and your videos are great keep it up bro….

  14. Tesla Racing Channel

    If there's any confusion read the description…1st!