Tesla P100D Competes with Drag Cars in Racing Competition!

Thanks to Wes Taylor w/ Lock_It_In_Productions for the Thumbnail! Bringing the Semi Gutted Tesla Model S P100D, which has had two lightweight aluminum …

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48 Responses

  1. Nick Derosa

    ICE engines are going to get irrelevant mighty quick, I can't wait to see what both driving and racing look like in 10 years.

  2. Brad Gefroh

    Sorry if this has been covered somewhere already, but has any work been done to the body or powertrain components to help them handle the stress of repeated launches? Stronger CV axles? Upgraded transaxles/differentials? Reinforced frame?

  3. Joe Lyon

    Congrats on the win man! Keep it up, love watching you race

  4. Hot Rod Lincoln Channel

    Is that a little weight reduction I see in the back? I guess I'll forgive you for "BLOWS PARTS EVERYWHERE!!!" and all he did was twist something.

  5. Joe Webster

    Would love to see a tazer mounted outside at the bottom of the windshield. When others purge their nitrous, you could purge some voltage.

  6. Gary Meola, Jr.

    "Are you the battery car ??? " Got to love North Carolina !

  7. Right On

    Great update man, especially the last race. Reaction times are crucial. Hope to see a rematch!

  8. Zooker 750

    Straight line ok, in the curves (the best part of driving), Not!

  9. Richard Head

    That brake to win the finals…..you felt that break out coming didn't you? LOL

  10. Pablo A. Rossi

    Well done! keep going with your Tesla proyect.

  11. Myxalplyx Xylplaxym

    Love this channel and the videos. Can't get enough. Great bracket racing.

  12. azalru

    The thumbnail looks like one of those Tesla spam vids.

  13. DjDoyley2011

    maybe you should upgrade your cars exhaust system

  14. Christian T

    The 1/4 mile time is the one I am really interested in can you hit a 9 second with the weight reduction.

  15. Art McCartney

    Thanks for taking the time to share these vids would like to see track slips for 3 to 4 seconds longer! 🍻

  16. Daniel Moody

    lol,not gonna post where you got gapped at the no prep race at shadyside?

  17. Jake R

    Someone should remove like 75% of the battery pack and really strip the Tesla out to see what it can do. Carbon wheels/ panels, plastic windows etc. You don't need the range for drag racing so removing most of the battery weight would probably make the biggest difference.

  18. Tony T

    When are you going to put an exhaust on that thing?

  19. Peach Noch

    does anyone know the name of his intro song?????????

  20. Patrick Nintemann

    that is very impressive . but i would miss the sound and the characteristic of a gas piston engine . luckily we are not forced to drive electric cars yet . and also – the electric engines are very good and much more efficient then piston engines but the one big problem they have is the battery . even if you can buy now electric cars that can go 400 kilometers with a battery charge , and load it in 20 minutes up to 80% charge – it takes only 2 minutes to fill up the tank on a gas or diesel powered car . and you only get 400 kilometers when you are gentle on the throttle . when you floor it all the time , it goes down to 120 kilometers range .

  21. CarolFucka

    Did you get any warning light on the dash when you replace the seat?

  22. rainmakr20

    Always look forward to your videos. Love the channel!!

  23. kalimul

    Just wanted to say it's awesome that you're doing this, nobody else is stripping down theirs and taking it regularly to the drag strip and making quality videos. Cheers.

  24. Cartman

    you should be topping up those lipos regularly if you are expecting best burst power.

  25. oaccessasia1

    Can you zoom in closer to the time slips. I can't read that light print.

  26. h22sparkle

    He said they cost that much. I hate it how the camaro jumped the line those that was real shitty. Kudos to doing your thing my man. Time to lighten the load. Try to get custom parts that weigh less and to the dude that was juiceing dont let the tesla upgrade on its power converter. I think I will recommend that soon

  27. h22sparkle

    civic got ass raped once it took a nosedive

  28. Jason Max

    Congrats on the 7.0 win…you were lucky with the Mustang and Camaro as they were closer to the money, but your reaction times are not shabby and really make a difference.

  29. Pro Tech Help

    Can you vlog when you are working on the car? I would love to see the process. PS. Love your channel 🙂

  30. type-dRew

    You dropping weight in the base 100 is my favorite thing on the internet.

  31. Charles Harrison

    Oh shit tesla here comes the DEMON…

  32. Kenny Gainz

    Tesla is the future and every car company knows this. Future Ford Mustangs will be battery. I do think they will have different exhaust sounds you will be able to choose from. That will be the future.

  33. John My views

    A smaller main battery would make a significant weight saving as well as replacing the 12 volt battery with a lithium battery.

  34. Nayr747

    What does your dad do to afford such an expensive car?

  35. Carlos Malave

    Congratulations, on proving to the internal combustion engine world that their way of life is going to change to electric. Like it or not.

  36. Gas Pedal

    hate these fuking cars with no sound, cracks, bubbles, pops and bangs.

  37. Tyler Hoeve

    Races a shitbox Honda and mustang puts in the title he races drag cars ROFL. I love how you fool all the kids in the comments making this electric POS seem fast racing against junk . Just because it's a old car and is loud because of the v8 doesn't make it a drag car lmao go race something worth racing or don't race at all.

  38. David

    I like how the last guy was genuinely curious about the car.

  39. Module79L

    I don't know wtf indexes or bye runs are but I love to watch your videos, man! 😀

  40. Cloxxki

    25,000 Teslas sold this first quarter and the American can guy wasn't aware they were being sold, like at all.

  41. Antman4656

    I would love to see what the tesla would do completely stripped and lightened. In fact a modified lightened tesla would be the shit.

  42. Ben Dixon

    Taking more weight out. Looks like lot's of potential there. Carbon brake set? Be good to see what you have in stall for p100d

  43. Jonathan Long

    now all you gotta do is start swapping the panels for carbon fiber, remore mirrors or get very small one that are very aerodynamic, lighter glass replacement. Make it a fully built racecar!!!