The best drag races of modern muscle cars-ZL1 vs Hellcat vs Shelby vs Boss 302 vs Mustang GT

The bunch of modern muscle drag races,Zl1 vs Shelby GT500,Hellcat vs Shelby,Zl1 vs Mustang GT,Hellcat Charger vs ZL1,ZL1 vs Mustag Bos 302,Camaro vs …

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26 Responses

  1. Shooter Shad

    Some of those dudes have terrible timing at the green light

  2. jim davidson

    Why does the FATCAT already look dated? Even compared to the Mustangs that have been around since dirt. LOL

  3. Phantom Shitter

    at least the pros know how to ramp up the rpms oh wait i dont think nobody showed them what that means

  4. Phantom Shitter

    so sad these guys who can afford these cars cant drive for shit

  5. Redrum

    even tho the Hellcats won most of their races,its disappointing to see'm barely win when they come stocked w/ 707 HP smh

  6. Kirill Sushko

    Good representation of what ET's people get vs advertised 1/4 mile times. Great video.

  7. Joaquin Rodriguez

    That blue mustang at the beginning of the video needs some better upgrading…a shit ton of wheel hop.

  8. Elmo James

    All of these hellcat drivers are pussycats!!! none of them can drive! They suck big time! Driving like old ladies. Freaking pansies.


    look at the ASSHOLE at 11:15 in the 2016 Mustang GT Perf Pkg just sit in a watered down burnout box and not do a burnout and just pulls away with WET TIRES and expects to launch….he launched like he was driving in the rain just as I suspected…I laughed my ass off because I knew that was going to happen…WHAT A TOTAL JACKOFF….Runs a MONSTER 16:12 @ 100…Can't stage either…Douche bagger…get off the track!!! Someone needs to teach these guys protocol before letting them on a track

  10. Anthony 92

    Let's watch all the hellcat fanboys make excuses now in the comments…in 3-2-1 go

  11. Shane Tow

    All these Muffstain fan boys all bonered up about a convertible ZL1 getting beat by a 5.0, hahahahaha that dude couldnt drive obviously , my SS eats muffstains every day all day anytime name the time and place to lose