The Best Motocross Whips! Brett Cue, Barcia, McNeil, Bubba, Reed and more!

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31 Responses

  1. Mario Grabovac

    The song is in the discripsion if you want to know what it is

  2. unreal motocross

    omg that is high and amazing thumbs up bra

  3. CrowZz

    new goal! learn how to do mad whips. they look so satisfying <3

  4. Soul id

    Brett Cue hucks it! There was a sick behind the scenes moto 7 edit posted on him on Soul id! Those whips….

  5. DirtBikeRookie

    i think i need 10 more years to be able to do this stuff i so far have rode for 2 years but when im at 12 years i think i can do HALF the stuff they can

  6. Carlos Junior

    deslikes de pessoas que não sabem nem andar de velocípede !!!

  7. Alexander Considine

    all the people that disliked this video have something wrong with them

  8. Skauen239

    Whips have always been one of the things that amazes me the most with FMX.. fascinating to watch..

  9. rodrigo GTI

    el mejor video que vi en mi vida de motocross ♡

  10. Cody McCall

    good video, good music (don't listen to the naysayers)
    what is the trick about 1:10? it's a huge whip, but it's not quite a whip, more like a "look back" or a fakie 180…