The Best Sports Cars Tested | Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2016 | The Grand Finale

Welcome to Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2016 Part 9: the Grand Finale. Every autumn Autocar sets out to name our favourite sports car of the year. Last year’s …

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48 Responses

  1. mejo jk

    kept their hands inside the pockets for the entire video. wow the enthusiasm is incontainable.

  2. FoFo Ahmed

    Please !!! do not lean on a car worth hundreds of thousands when you are wearing jeans !!!!

  3. Aravind Babu

    At first, i was thinking what the heck were the guys in the comments complaining about.. Then i saw them in the garage..

  4. Baerchenization

    You should not have included the Porsche – being the "best driver's car" requires that a car is available to drivers – the 911 R could never be ordered by anyone. They were assigned to a selected audience…

  5. andreasankara

    sti cazzo d inglesi non capiscono na MINKIA di macchine!!!!

  6. 西瓜

    As many are saying this video isn't so good, long story short: the Porsche wins

  7. Master P

    autocar – you need to watch evo's review of car of 2016. Not that it is that amazing, but these 3 were so boring and uninspiring. Plus you need an amazing road like a track to test and send off, not just a sling round Anglesey

  8. Dolby 109

    Well done. I liked the placing pretty well here…I just wish you guys could get more American cars (other than the NSX :p)

  9. Boris Borisov

    This video is ridiculous! These people look like m….s! And their judgement-Porshe before Ferrari and McLaren?!

  10. Talha Ayaan

    i can't hear properly what you people are saying because of car noise you people need to speak loudly little bit

  11. Soon2Be Fulfilled

    To the people who wounded why THE GREAT! Chris Harris is by far the ONLY BRITISH performance car reviewer I, & any true car enthusiast can stand to listen to, & watch, JUST LISTEN TO AND WATCH THESE 3 BORING INAUDIBLE UNBEARABLY UNENTHUSIASTIC HACKS! Then you'll understand why

  12. Bob Farris

    Judging by these three English food must be getting better.

  13. Evan102030

    If that manual gearbox puts this 911 in first place, why don't other sports car manufacturers do this anymore? Clearly there is a demand for it which can't be purely nostalgia.

  14. Daniel Chaves

    You say Sports Car but I saw mostly Sedans and Super Cars in the mix… there was only 3 maybe 4 cars that was tested that fit in that Sports Car realm… and MANY other sports cars were left out. Update the title to say Drivers Car.

  15. Motaz Alsayed

    fuck Porsche the most boring looking car I have ever seen I can not understand the beauty about it driven one it is good on the road but come on the should look nice too like the Ferrari

  16. Symbolic Automotive

    Everyone keeps raving about the 911 R, is it just me who would prefer the PDK over than manual? Thats the reason I would take a GT3 RS over the R. They said the R was a good all rounder but the PDK is better at being an all rounder coz you can change yourself or leave it in auto

  17. Jeremy Prosser

    Can't believe that these so called car enthusiasts are leaning on over people's pride and joys in jeans. I would be furious.

  18. Richard Bagot

    Are Lotus allowed to enter these things? The Lotus 400 is a better drivers car than quite a few of these.

  19. andreasankara

    alfa giulia quadrifoglio , banda di coglioni!!!dov e^!?

  20. Nellis Smith

    Am I right in deterring from their final conclusion, that the Ferrari 488 GTB is a slightly better track tool than the McLaren 675lt so therefore they like it a bit better? If so, it should be second and the McLaren 675lt third, why put both in second place? It doesn't make any sense to me, I mean what's the point of third then? Anyway just saying… 😊

  21. SgtSeth

    is anyone else cringing with these guys just rest against some of these cars? If its your car, fine. You paid for it, but they dont own these cars. Pretty disrespectful.

  22. Sage Rieben

    you 3 dudes need to find a new job and look for people that aren't completely and utterly boring. I almost just turned the sound off, just to see the cars and not have to listen to you speak monotone.

  23. Bomter D

    brits best car should`d be the mclaren 675lt. 2d 488 3rd 911r

  24. dannonyogurt98

    Great list but for me if you swap the NSX and the vantage S then it'd be perfect.

  25. brocky

    I'm surprised that the 911 R is the winner. It really must be that fantastic to drive. I must add that to my bucket list.

  26. abhinav singh

    Oh C'mon you just tested the best cars of 2016 and sound as if you guys spent the day riding electric bikes. first time ever some one talking about cars is putting me to sleep…… hope its more entertaining next time….

  27. Christopher Zylstra

    Excellent work, save for audio production values here and there. I would like to have seen Porsche punished, meaningfully, for having the gall to dress what could be argued as the greatest sports car of all time, in a cynically derived hirsute of falderal so striking it would make Bently blush. Porsche, you stand astride the automobile world as a deserving colossus, but another move like this and I'll spear your bollocks like only someone who loves you can.

  28. J Lee

    Can't understand a word there saying lmao but I love the nsx thought it should of scored higher:/

  29. Andre Brokman

    I'm not sure these are the right fellas to have on a car show. Mumble mumble nothing interesting. Yet, the cars are incredible, and all in the one spot! Jeez, I'll trade you.

  30. whitewedge

    Sorry Autocar but were the f*ck is the Evora 400 or 410????????????? please re adjust the title of this video as the Evora is not included.

  31. halcojordan

    3 funny serious wallies, but they got it right with 911R.  Soon the 911's will have mid engines like new 2017 911 RSR which has a mid engine set up like the Cayman does and this set up will trickle down to other 911's, then Porsche will win every competition possible for a long time to come…

  32. Hasse Hasse

    y cant even hear what they saying! boring as hell. Waste of time!