The Dreamers, the Bodybuilders, the High Speed Rally Car Racers | THE SHOW, Episode 9

In this episode, we meet the strivers and the fighters inspiring us to reach for better everyday. We travel to Nepal to visit a 69-year-old grandfather who knows …

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32 Responses

  1. Isabella Bornberg

    The old man is such a sweetheart, I want to hug him

  2. victorJ2050

    The old guy completed his 10 th grade this year. He's looking forward to join high-school now.

  3. Sammy s

    Guy from nepal i feel happy for him best of luck sir

  4. Amit das

    1 The old woman inspired me to get up and start exercising as i dont feel confident and always think about what people think about me a #fat man
    2 the old man inspired me to study hard as i m thinking of quiting my college bcoz my subject is english and i m a average student and my english is not good

  5. Maya Ayesha

    GREAT BIG STORY never cease to amaze me!😄😍

  6. Ayesha Ashfaque

    Plz add some story related muslims or pakistan

  7. - QuantumVAC -

    Once again an hour later only 1000 views how does this happen

  8. nicholas alexander

    The part with the old man going to school at that age I felt sick, sad and annoyed for some reason almost cried and I don't know why…….

  9. kirby march Barcena

    They are so inspiring,I'm glad you posted their story.

  10. DerpCharley

    The 2nd story be like: "back in my day i had to walk 2 hours just to get to school, and i had to walk over mountains and jungles".

  11. Brandon Velasquez

    Did the last guy just admit he'd go after his daughter if they weren't related or am i hearing that wrong

  12. Jayden Gauley

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  13. karen4you

    Love it how one can start anything later in life if they make up their minds to do something. A good lesson there.

  14. Pv Pvo

    Talking about bodylifting , there is this man that litaraly works out for his life , or was he dies , I forgot the video name , but he was truly inspirering , oh I forgot he has a defect that makes it dificult to even move but he still keeps going , truly inspirering