The fastest girl ever – Michele Mouton

One day I saw Antti’s tribute but I thought that he used very little footage so I’ve decided to improve his work. Michele Mouton is the best female driver ever and …

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  1. cuoccimix

    I know it's not very important, but she was also a beautiful woman.
    I would call her the Fanny Ardant of WRC.

  2. Zenith Orton

    I am confused here…. I thought the first fast rally woman was Rosemary Smith…. she seems much older on the sport than Mrs Mouton.

  3. Drew Miller

    Nothing like 60ft jumps in an old Porsche with NO helmet, this woman is a BEAST. She is the type of person you name your kid after, SO CLASSY

  4. Malcolm Coe

    Great to listen to Michele being interviewed,and so why was the engine noise of the fabulous Audi dubbed with some clueless twat playing shite music you clown.

  5. Ralph Fontana

    a lil bad no scenes of her driving a Peugeot 206 Turbo 16(WRC champion ), but great scenes, thanks!!!


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