The Hill Climbers

Fb: Insta: Shop: Read more… In this episode: – Vertical hill climbing. – Children need to play …

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48 Responses

  1. David's & Michael's Fishing and Fun

    Hey is this recorded in Poland or are you just polish but in America because this summer I'm going to poland

  2. brenden hanlin

    U guys suck on the second hill climb I have a ktm 65 and I'm 12 I have harder climbs than that

  3. CiemnyWuj

    Polaczki ? 😀 fajnie fajnie się bawicie ! jaki to region ?

  4. Jas Hennessy

    why include the word fucking all the time when you censor it?

  5. Petr Sailer

    Hi guys please subscribe my motorcycle channel PSCrew

  6. SATELITE043 “Sobre Ruedas”

    Vaya panda de locos jeje que grandes

  7. Earth One

    man this video was super dope. are you using a gopro? the footage looks epic

  8. Alvino Bagas

    ngetrail itu ibarat cewe,kalo motor nya susah di kendalikan lepaskan saja 😁

  9. ImNotTheTarget

    What was that blue white and yellow bike was it Yamaha and if it was what cc is ist

  10. OriginalMe

    if you are getting dirt bike good for offroad and hill climbing should it be 2 stroke or 4 stroke

  11. Cowboy4737

    If you guys drink as hard as you ride your all ok with me!!!

  12. Tomasz Dec

    Fajna pasja 🙂 umiejetnosci widze sa i to duze. Fajny filmik. Pozdrawiam

  13. Chase Magersupp

    so its almost 90 percent of the time you break your fenders