The Kelsey MC2: Homebuilt Rally Car That’s Too Fast for the WRC – TST in NZ

Alex Kelsey’s “MadCreations2,” a home-built rally car is simply one of the fastest, one of the coolest vehicles we’ve ever seen. And he’s more than happy to show …

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50 Responses

  1. Peter Liljebladh

    Is it legal for competition in any category?

  2. Modthisrc

    For such a fast rally car I'm sure it has very good handling

  3. Steve McIlroy

    OK if you have the money and the means to do it. That''s not a rally car most of us built on our driveway, with very little budget and get out once a month. Slightly misleading title. Built in a barn? Is that the barn full of expensive rally cars, and the passenger saying he threw the notes away? The guys been driving that road over and over again, Why are you holding notes?

  4. Karanvir Phull

    respects to this dude…wow..haters got hate lol

  5. LONG

    and this is street legal. NZ is an amazing country lul

  6. Rob

    Great job what's next on the build list, where do I place my order mr Kelsey.

  7. Heinz Hampelmann

    why would you care about INTERNET COMMENTS. people get it finally. insulted online means nothing. absolutely nothing. why give fucks about random internet people who are not even serious all the time. lawl

  8. Devin Stambolziovski

    Engine sounds mean as hell. Amazing build!

  9. Tristan Miller

    Still more awesome to watch than the 2017 wrc cars

  10. peter sjölund

    nice build man!
    but the head line is a litle miss leading ! yes its to fast for WRC it is not built in WRC standard so it is miss leading there is alot of cars that are faster then WRC cars

  11. Carlos Correia

    so many haters, why won't you do better? he did it, period, he won't give a fuck if you like he put a renault engine on a peugeot body, he used what he got, so what? is all that just jealous?
    do better, or stfu!!!

  12. guitarsword1

    Fantastic car, talented kid. Hope to see him in WRC.

  13. Rory Fraser

    This… This right here is the dream!!! This is amazing man

  14. Spergetti Neetballz

    that final shot with the backfire was excellent

  15. street wise

    If he was to increase the power to say between 500 and 600hp he could race the car in rallycross

  16. S J Powell

    Great car, reminds me of Andy Burtons Peugeot Cosworth. But Wtf are the passengers doing going out in just shorts and a t-shirt?! Mental

  17. Pessego3

    great honor to this guy….he truly accomplishes it!!!!

  18. Jamster

    What is the engine weight and tranny weight? I have a Lancia a112 project ongoing

  19. Joseph Carter

    He should have built it within the rules

  20. Exodus fivesixfivesix

    That car is ridiculous! Seriously that is better than a RS200

  21. Ralph Fontana

    thumbs up!!!!!207 + V6 Renault engine??SICK!!!!!!!I want one!!!!!!hahahaha

  22. MaffiaAlfista

    Awesome ! Modern Group B car. This is what WRC-cars should be like ! Sound SOOO good !

  23. austin mull

    you know the amount of people on here bashing him bc of what hes done is sad….

  24. Rick Cosmo

    600 pieces to each shock..he designed and built them

  25. Willyb shreddn

    Even though I don't follow Rally cars, drivers, etc……. HOW IS IT that I never heard of this dude till now? If he's not yet, I'm sure this young man is on his way to immortalizing himself as a motor sports legend.I could be completely wrong in that statement as the world has billions of people that are insanely talented with zero recognition.

  26. Boris Diamond

    Too fast for WRC? So are you trying to say it does this meet all the WRC regulations, but it can't race because it's too fast? That just sounds like an outright lie

  27. Krispy Saer187

    Fuck the haters Alex people are jelly and cant get of their ass to pursue their own dreams but try to crush others. Good build man keep doing your thing and stick with it. 👌🤘👊💪👏👏👏👏

  28. REMythic7

    uh so what do you do for a living at 18 to be able to afford all this. Majoring in mechanical engineering and being unemployed was a mistake.

  29. Bmw for Life

    please go to the pikes peak with this car!!!

  30. Janos Gregor

    This performance of the car and it's creator is just shocking and extraordinary The engine choice is a lot more exciting than anything today in WRC, the realization of the details is just mint. I think I;m not alone with the idea: I wish I was you.

  31. turbotimmo

    Needs to bring this thing down to Ashley forest 🙂

  32. HyperOctane


  33. collosus simpson

    Lets Start a go fund me account for him to start his own WRC career. I am a decently good mechanic and can change tires on the fly, ill donate my services for his pit crew right now… seriously! Lets do this for a deserving young man!

  34. justin dobyns

    It's not too fast for WRC the motors displacement is too much they're limited to 2.0 L