The Official History Of The WRC

The Official History Of The WRC. From the begin, to the slides of 70’s, to the Group B monsters until the new generation. A movie that must be in all houses of …

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  1. sergiovw1500

    why 240p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. blacknester

    How come they can use custom vehicles in formula 1 but not in rally. That is why WRC is dying.

  3. Dj10RzV

    Mini as a very important figure, now there's the brits kissing their asses again! 🙂 stopped video after that and thumbs down!

  4. IcyScythe

    What is the interest of the manufacturers in all this? Is it more advertising or a prestige thing?

  5. David Gunner [Ross Graham]

    As much as I think Loeb is a brilliant driver, his domination was the most boring period of the WRC… or pretty much any domination in any Motorsport for an extensive period of time. The only season I liked during the Loeb-Era is 2004 for the battles between Grönholm, Solberg, Martin, Loeb and occasionally Sainz.

    My personal "Golden-Era" of the WRC is between 1993-2003.
    1993: New Winners and Cars like Colin McRae, Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Escort and the Subaru Impreza.
    1994: Sainz v Auriol (Also McRae's GB win and Mäkinen's Finland win)
    1995: McRae v Sainz
    1996: The end of the Group A-Era
    1997: McRae v Mäkinen
    1998: Sainz retires between 300-500 metres to the finishing line. Richard Burn's first win (Safari)
    1999: Battles between Burns, Mäkinen, Auriol and Kankkunen,
    2000: Burns v Grönholm
    2001: Burns v McRae v Sainz v Mäkinen
    2002: New winners like Solberg and Loeb
    2003: Solberg v Loeb v Sainz. Also the last season with Burns, Mäkinen and McRae's full season.

  6. Clara Massa

    bring back group B, can-am, no restrictions & proper engineering & driving fun!

  7. tom lepski

    From 1972 to 2001,the East African Safari Rally (later the Safari Rally) in Kenya, was the rally of all rallies,nothing got close in terms of toughness.

  8. 200016lLIVE☮

    subb4subb friends!!go go go!! 🙂

  9. Brett Javier

    240P? Good lord let me get my potato to watch this.

  10. Hook Eyy

    War millions of people die we got better engines, jet planes, better guns and some more. Rallying 30 some people die we got 4wd better engines, aero and better tires but no Group b and evolving is too dangerous…

  11. vanmiten

    they never learn: Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia.

  12. FedoraSmoker

    What is the name of the guy who does the wrc commentary?

  13. Mjau

    After Group B stuff i was to bored to watch something like Group A

  14. David Johnson

    I'd just love to see a gtr turbo s and a Quattro maybe 400 hp type of class but the hatch backs of today Although boring are still pretty crazy machines

  15. David Johnson

    Still would like to see a new Quattro Turbo S and GTR type of class. These hatchbacks go but I get bored lol

  16. HAKUTAI5

    I found Pekin. It is different name from nowadays

  17. MK3424

    And i'm still waiting for the SAAB 96 in Dirt Rally…

  18. richfairclough123

    The problem with rallying at the moment is that you can't buy the cars. Even in group b you could buy road versions.

    It's such a shame you can't get a 4×4 turbocharged Polo.

    If people can't dream of owning the car it destroys the interest.

    I still dream of getting the 200 grand you need to buy the road going 205 t16!

    One day…..

  19. Dimitri Andreou

    Group B was stealing popularity from formula 1 , here is the answer i has looking for. I hate all this glamourous stuff formula 1 presents and rallying is really boring without group b sad times for motosporting

  20. djeq721

    Limiting teams to what they can do to the car and making them all fit a "kit" is boring as hell. The whole point is teams should be allowed to prepare their cars however they feel best, that's what makes it interesting, not seeing cars that are carbon copies mechanically with different shells.

  21. kuba2499

    Didn't Markku Alén win the 1978 championship?

  22. Adam Othman

    Not enough credit where its due, in the late 60's early 70's the lancia fulvia was on the scene dominating then beating both the renault and the porsche as early as 72. Also the stratos production stopped but it was still common to see these cars on stages in the early 80's it was never truly defeated…. Even after its production run it still won rallies as it was so abead of its time.

  23. Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th

    Current WRC had great drivers, but the cars are boring compared to the older cars.

  24. outcrier

    If you have short corner, never go sideways. <3 best advice ever. true as fuck tho.

  25. Blaž Cigale

    The end of Group B was when the WRC died. I remember how people watched the events back then, it was the biggest event in the year as the cars were nothing like you would see on the road, beasts… Todays WRC cars are normal cars you can see on the road, just a bit modified, not a whole new power beasts as the GROUP B cars were.

    Nowadays almost nobody watches it on TV let alone goes to an event to see it as it is nothing special anymore. Now it's only MotoGP and maybe F1

  26. Jesse Madrid

    Fuck man Subaru needs to put Higgins and Drew back to WRC to bring competition back to it.

  27. DangeRoss

    Shame they didn't really mention Henri Toivonen other than his crash