The Paddock Girls of the #AmericasGP

The beautiful paddock girls added some extra glamour to the atmosphere of the #AmericasGP. ——————————————————— Visit The Official …

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31 Responses

  1. JuergenGDB

    Was there at the race.. it was an epic weekend.

  2. Redline R6

    Take the make up off then we will see…some them have a nice rack and bumper cant complain

  3. Jerry Joe

    Rossi's umbrella girl was so hot that he was hitting on her on the grid while he was adjusting his junk. LOL(Uzzio was jelly)

  4. Chase Brown

    Going out Saturday night in Austin must have seemed like you'd stumbled into a really good dream.

  5. Ride Around

    The soulless snakes with tits of America. . . ha hum I mean what lovely ladies .

  6. Dai de gass

    come si fa a mettere dislike zio brecco voi state male

  7. Lubsoing2011

    i thought was Texas but i see silicon valleys​

  8. Richard Castro

    America is a continent, its fucking country is called united states OF America

  9. doit toit

    I'm surprised they don't charge for this video too

  10. Amin Amin Nurfadillah

    hei Dorna, we want more babes in action

  11. Archie Beech

    …he saw them and lost all control and now you know why Viniales crashed. 😃😃😃


    0:41 i wish to be under that blue umbrella with this angelic female.

  13. lukeyellow 46

    I would pump and dump all these umbrella girls