The Plan For My $100,000 Aston Martin Drift Car

Just testing out some clickbait titles guys, don’t worry i didn’t spend 100K :p In this episode ive created all the body mods in 3d and applied them to the car to see …

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26 Responses

  1. elloprecious22

    I been waiting for this day since you first showed the vantage! now you have my attention. This is going to be amazing!

  2. SilverWReX 05

    What program was this built on? This is more or less what I would like to base my career on so if I can already get into and start playing w this software, the better idea i would have if this is truly what I do want to do. I'll PM you on IG, FB or somewhere but this is a dope build so far 👌🏽

  3. DokBanks1

    White with a hint of gold pearl? This build is going to be insane!! Looking forward to seeing it become reality! 😀

  4. jaythedead

    Paint Idea : Ice White w/ Gold pearl or flake, gold wheels, and all black trim.

  5. Dennis Volkening

    I know I'm probably the only one here not wanting you to cut this car up..if you want a drifting and somin a truck..a a cheap v8 swap from a explorer with a turbo that maybe we all can do..not a car like that brother..try something different..ask your buddy at drift motion about the drift ranger he seen …just saying…but I would keep it to were your viewers can go with you…would be cool

  6. Jay R

    I missed the part where you got a car's specific dimensions in a 3D program.

  7. iMaGeArChY

    I would recommend Mons Flares if you go universal. I have seen some very nice modified sets on BMWs to WRXs to RC7s that look great! Good luck. The Evora got me interested in your channel. Now this build is keeping me coming back!

  8. Skylar Garrett

    "Some ford car basically STOLE the Aston Martin front end" Uhh, dude, they were designed by the same guy….

  9. Mark Tilley

    Pleas don't drift a Aston Martin you already messed up the G

  10. MSengineering David

    You clearly are just bandwagon drifter what you see done in drifting like in formula d aren't on cheap tires if you think cheap tires give you performane you're wrong and please your wide fenders aren't wide body.

  11. MSengineering David

    You're trying to do things you don't even understand yes mess with suspension kinematics you cannot calculate.

  12. Flacko Media

    when u do these type of videos put a green screen behind you it will make u stand out more and match the BG LOL great GFX!

  13. kaylor87

    Damn, that's quite the build plan! And you're gunna have it done by Christmas??? Jesus. Can't wait to see the results! 🙂

  14. vincent sit

    anything but black is a good colour, and if pro drifters runs around in a hot pink car, i dont think any colour will be too "girly" to be on a drift car

  15. Jim Jensen

    I think the drifter fin on the back of an Aston Martin is awful.

  16. J Wayne

    Every time i have plenty of money and design an extensive car build like this, my fuckin alarm goes off, i wake up and snap back into my real life