The RACE to $75,000! – Part 1

Starting from the bottom when almost $100000 is on the line isn’t easy, even with a 3000hp+ Blown Vette to compete with. Steve Wiley and the Texas Grim …

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44 Responses

  1. Trill Texas

    A screw Blower is way better than Twin Turbo set up

  2. John Martin

    Is this anything that has to do with tonight's episode of street outlaws?

  3. Zachary Thomas

    Can you please go back to posting more street racing? Or then at the very least change the description of your channel? This track stuff is a good mix and nice to see from time to time but you're giving us too much of it. Just my two cents.

  4. danhr03

    If tuff enuff would just come in with his jet car, this would make for one evenly matched class.

  5. AZ Patriot

    The guy in the right lane at 2:22 was scared awake by the Grim Reaper taking off…

  6. DanielDaniel1

    Haha the Mustang is going to be problematic for that dodge.

  7. feff

    hard to beat a screw blown HEMI in a car that is set up right!

  8. roundthirteen

    I'm sure watching a top alcohol funny car with doors cut in it (might as well be) run to the 330 and shut down vs some weekend warriors in a back-half car was exciting for the fans.

  9. I have a heavy right foot

    Saw a grey corvette with a parachute being trailered on i10 in mexico cant wait for that video… if its related

  10. William Goodhue

    Well he's definitely good at beating nitrous Camaro's. He got about 5 of them in a row haha

  11. SAV - AGE

    whats that bag looking thing around the supercharger?

  12. Terrance Adrian

    That twin turbo mustang made one hell of a comeback at the end. lol.

  13. Terrance Adrian

    That twin turbo mustang made one hell of a comeback at the end. lol.

  14. Matt Parker Stay Tuned

    Very Very nice a lot of money wow lolthat camaro was moving very fast nice vid

  15. in motion

    show all the races this the biggest race around come on

  16. furyIIIplate

    That Car is the most awesome sounding thing on EARTH.

  17. Edward Thayer

    Guess Noone told the Grim Reaper that if he puts his header out the fender he'll gain a hundred to a hundred and fifty horse power. oh if he changes to either an LS or turbos he'll never lose.

  18. ChickenMaster

    It's not that reaper is good, it's just seems everyone else can't drive

  19. Turd Ferg

    Nitrous cars just have no chance. These screw blown cars are just nuts. All they have to worry about is the turbo cars at the top end

  20. TheTominator !!! (TomTom Vlogs)

    What was Kevin fiscus doing there

  21. martin ford

    Being outlawed here a minute, Grim reaper comes home "Mostimes hiwever a 3600hp Corvett outlives Grim mustang

  22. alohim king

    fast car man must be pushing well over 40 psi on the supercharger to make that much HP

  23. Bob Falfa

    this happened back in the summer, why show footage now? everybody already knows who won..oh well still good shit,lol.

  24. brandon harrison

    I want a scale model of the grim reaper, that car is a thing of beauty.

  25. Rohan James

    This the event they showing on street outlaws tomorrow???