The Ultimate Bike vs Car Race

Chis Northover’s challenged to a the ultimate race by the guys from Autocar magazine. The tools: McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ducati 1199 …

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48 Responses

  1. Ravivardhan Prakash

    So try again now with the 1299 superleggera, simples :)

  2. royal001ful

    I owned a McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spyder……and then I woke up and drove my peice of crap car to work…it was a nice dream tho.

  3. billy1858

    in the real world the bike can still filter through  traffic while the rich lads sit in there expensive cars unable to move!

  4. marco velasquez

    The P1,La ferrari and the 918 were speed tested at Portimao and Laguna Seca and they were all 8 to 10 seconds a lap slower than the Supertock 1000 cc bikes costing around 25k like the BMW S1000. DUCATI 1198 and 1199, yamaha R1M, SUZUKI GSXR and Aprillia RSV. Now that's what I call cheap speed. 🙂 I say screw the 1 million pound supercar option get a bike! Even classic superbikes like the ducati 916, 996, 998, 999, could match these cars at the track.

  5. wahid latif

    if only they offered you out now you could have brought along the h2r and placed the biggest bet you would win…

  6. Africa Osmundson

    For less than $15,000 most enthusiast here could build a turbo Busa / ZX14 or any number of liter bikes and blow the doors off all three of them. However, I would be forever grateful to own any one of the them especially the Mc Laren. It blows my mind you can buy street legal cars that will run faster than unrestricted Nascars.

  7. baukanakuab

    Bikes only win on an easy bit of the road.
    I have been into bikes but now, I must say, that cars are really incredible where the road gets a bit twisty.
    Bikes are for those who like speed with no effort, cars are for those who like the sensation of the impossible cornering speed.
    Bikes are useless in this regard I'm sad to say.

  8. mrmike6363

    how about modified cars? rather than production. i know a few that bike wont keep up with.

  9. marty coolguy (Turnip Tv)

    a tesla sports electric will beat any bike standing mile end of,challange them!!

  10. Dixie Normus

    just over 10 minutes to monetize, the rest fluff. Sad.

  11. Matbee (matbeeDOTcom)

    Sadly the only real driver was the bike— the only driving the other cars did was push the pedal to the floor.

  12. pup gum

    must be fake i have only an old cbr 900 r fireblade ( sc28 1992) and i had drag with ferrari and lambo , they dident come even close to me so….. they maybe get money from the car company to let them win. they also dont take the realy fast bikes for tests like this

  13. SARCknight

    Yeah but i'll bet ya that ducati broke down afterwards XD.

  14. some guy

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THOSE PUSSY CARS. I have a dirt bike that could blow those away lol

  15. one “gravy” two

    are you guys ever going to do a race with a dodge tomahawk?
    itll be the 1st of its kind on the web

  16. Damian De

    You haven't lost one then… so what happened now? You seriously disappointed me! I'm switching to cars!

  17. Funky Monkey

    Kinda cool, but when it comes to two wheels or four wheels, then four wins solely on the fact that four wheels are attached to the F1 car. And nothing comes close to them. :)

  18. marino4691

    car is faster on track, because they have a lot better brakes

  19. Arthur Müller

    Tuned Hayabusa or a Kawasaki H2r would blow theme away 😀 but the h2r is 2015 i guess

  20. Josiah Soko

    repeat this with h2r, not h2 NOOO! more like we want to see the gap between the mclaren and the bike at around 200mph lol

  21. louie duke

    Ducati is not for drag race and will never be, it is a track machine. 54K against a mill? i know where my money would go for fun ;-)

  22. MarcusProductions

    Wanting to check when the race begun, but not wanting to risk finding out which won in the comments before I watched it…

  23. wacky funbun

    Few seconds into the video and i have to comment. you said "going fast is awsome no matter if in a car, on a bike or roller coaster when a kid". when i was a kid i couldn't get on any of the roller coasters because they all have height limits. It's more of an adult thing.

  24. Rickard Holmquist

    Do this test with the ducati desmosedici gp 16 ;)

  25. Dave C.

    Um the heyabusa was the first production 200 mph bike back in 1999

  26. Marcus Christensen

    I have no idea to get a bike or a car for every day commuting.

  27. frosty l

    If you see closely at the 746 mark the bike breaks at the last minute , I think this was fixed

  28. Rock Ardbiker

    My gran could have sat in one of the cars and pushed to go button. How cool is that.