This is Rally 1 | The best scenes of Rallying (Pure sound)

The best scenes and drivers of rallying – Colin McRae, Jean Ragnotti, Carlos Sainz; Jumps, High Speed, Crashes, Drifts. Thanks to: Tor Andre Børresen: …

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46 Responses

  1. Herosade

    Rally fans don't get the recognition they deserve, the rally drivers should give the spectators news paper headlines.

  2. Menschensschnensch ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ

    people standing on the track…this seems to be a part of rally as well….

  3. Stephan Botzki

    I shook my head so often while watching. Didn't know rally is so crazy. Did people drown in rally? Doesn't seem too unlikely

  4. Rain Coast

    Stupid people should go to Spain and play with the bulls.

  5. Кристиан Тошев

    I watched a lot of motorsports but rally still amazes me everytime.

  6. toxic reaction

    if the driver is to ever lost control in that car an run straight into the crowd..they'll be so fucked up…car bowling😢..

  7. George Badass

    I really hope drivers don't have any responsibility for hitting someone

  8. Stefan Marius

    dude the camera is…………… fucking bad

  9. Woonki Baik

    레이싱 코스 주변에 살면 안되겠구나 … 물에빠진 차 레이서 다 살았나? 다들 무식하게 달리는구만…

  10. Maurizio Candido

    mi sembra di vedere la contea di azzard…quelli si che sanno guidare non come questi autisti

  11. Maurizio Candido

    però anche quelli della contea di azzard sono bravi…i cugini del generale LI

  12. John Vain

    I definitely DONT feel sorry for the people that get hit by the cars…why are they so stupid.  I was wishing the driver would have just went right thru them when they just clutter the road like that.

  13. Naseer Syed

    You got some balls to be in the passenger 😶

  14. Dalisu Ngobese

    The real balls of steel here is the navigator guy.

  15. GamerGuyProductions

    Each clip feels like the beginning to a faces of death video.

  16. TheCrazyBob

    5:58 why the car looks so small that u belive its so far but after a secound its front of the camera !!

  17. Simon Gärtner

    My Rallye cupra is much faster than 95% of These shit cars

  18. Alan attack

    Hahahaha! are cars meant to go this fast ever?…Jesus!

  19. Boomer95

    Rally fans are the bravest and the stupidest of all sports

  20. Melan Choly

    wow… just wow… cars aren't meant to fly… this is too dangerous!!!