This is Rally! | 70’s 80’s 90’s Edition | with Pure Engine Sounds

Let me show you the best eras of rally: Group 4, Group B, Group A, first Wrc. On the Limits, Flat Outs, Best Drifts, Hot Moments, Jumps and Crashes. If you see …

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33 Responses

  1. STK 87

    I dont even feel bad when a car crashes into the public.
    Rally public is fucking retarded, i can respect the people in the back or somewhere high up but the people near the track are just asking for a bumper against their faces

  2. Theri4444

    are these races still going on today, and where can I actually watch an entire race

  3. Rigg15

    Does any body know what the rule is on driving through large crowds of stupid people, as far as whether to just go for it or not? What is the legal end of mowing down really stupid people that are begging to be hit? I need to know.

  4. Miner Roby

    Rally is dead because computer assisting is taking over. What a shame

  5. Miner Roby

    Look and listen my son. Real Rally pilots real engine sounds. You will never hear and see all of these in your entire life my son.

  6. DansKnivesAndStuff

    Absolutely LOVE it! The enthusiasm of the spectators back then far surpasses most of the spectators these days! Some of my favorite footage, had me smiling 90% of the time. 🙂

  7. LW97

    The 2017 cars are very good tho. Definitely the best ones since the 90's (and no, I do not only say that because VW is gone and Toyota is back, just look at the cars)

  8. darkswami

    Am i a sociopath for thinking clipping spectators should get you extra points?

  9. Vexing Paladin 01

    i guess until Futurama's suicide boothes become a thing this will have to do :O

  10. lynn henkel

    Why are people standing on the roads and on outside bends. Are they nuts!


    that was when rally cars had unique design and character, now they're all basically the same.

  12. bill papas

    So, if i wanted to be a serial killer in the 80's, i could just become a rally driver

  13. Typhoontimmy

    Thanks for killing group B stupid prick spectators.

  14. MrC00kieM0nst3r

    The spectators so close too the cars is what makes this so great, love the cars and the epic driving! Best drivers hands down

  15. Marks-Rabbit

    Racing was my early Chile hood, Those Were the days of Gran turismo 3

  16. Leevi Hinkkala

    2:14 – only thing that saved those spectators from dying was a bump… car literally flew over them

  17. Wolfie Inu

    Daft buggers standing in the road. trying to get themselves killed perhaps?

  18. Tiezheng Zou

    please try not to play faster, that makes no sense

  19. dwight augustin

    rally is fun all that drifting I got to learn some of that

  20. WARELB

    When Lancia, Mitsubishi and Toyota still built cool cars…

  21. Morgan Nilsson

    Goddamn, the people who insist on standing on the road IN FRONT of the fucking drivers infuriates me beyond belief… They are hard-pressed enough, but having to drive blind to anything but 5 meters ahead? Insanity.