This POV Will Make You Want to Drive a Rally Car | Sebastien Ogier testing at WRC Finland

Watch WRC Finland LIVE on Red Bull TV this weekend: This is how Sebastien Ogier prepares for Rally Finland. Rally Finland is all …

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39 Responses

  1. Евгений Карманов

    Скучное стало Ралли не то что раньше страх риск экстрим

  2. Roger Hommas

    Thank you, and greetings from nr 25.
    Hard play, no mersy,,,and a love for driving with the " handle first".

  3. Chris Taylor

    turn on CC then change to auto translate to english… this is basically worst case scenario text to speech

  4. Nguyen Duong

    On the contrary this pov video made me reconsider driving a rally car because that looks hard and scary af..

  5. Gottalovethisone

    What is that screaming noise when the driver turns the wheel? It would be really nice if I'd know the reason for my upcoming tinitus 😛

  6. Carlos Alberto de Souza

    What you just saw is one of the most difficult thing a human being can do!

  7. GeorgeΧ.

    Your WRC coverage in RBTV is great(and free).I will buy a lot of redbulls.Awesome vid!!

  8. João Dário

    the most boring rally POV ever seen. Gotta love those classic rally cars now that was something worth seeing !

  9. Backcountry Altay-Aktru

    Дорогие друзья, подписывайтесь на официальный канал Алтай-Актру! walcome to Altay Aktru

  10. Mudurkkio Mudurkkov

    Im just wondering what they were censoring in the drivers dash, bottom left of his gear. Times or something?

  11. vexraill

    most underrated channel on youtube. how do these vids not get more views??

  12. Briar Fox

    Cool! And I love the Nintendo 64 steering wheel. Crazy they have all those buttons to drive. Technical compared to what they did in the old days.

  13. Peter Sherwood

    Is it just me or did they blur the speed in the gauge cluster?


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