Tokyo Drift in Real Life!

What happens when you stumble across an underground parking garage? You recreate the Tokyo Drift car meet…duh. You can subscribe to my channel for new …

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27 Responses

  1. whosDori

    right as he said i farted, i started to smell the fart of my dog

  2. Brent Kannemeyer

    It's a car meet loud music and bass and revving. You expecting tea and crumpets? No disrespect dude but lay off the complaining , if it was a silent car meet we'd call it a freaking car lot filled with cars

  3. Mentor Frass

    why americans have to ruin every song with techno beats????

  4. John Haines

    Which part of Tokyo is that located like where do you go


    MODIFIED MODIFIED MODIFIED MODIFIED… ALLIANCE… Tj…. Modified Alliance…. Thank you…. Instagram @Modified_Alliance_Sd 😉

  6. Albert Nguy

    How do you find those meetings ? I'm planning on shooting a video of tokyo and I need to shoot a car meeting .
    Please help me !
    Thanks for the video

  7. Robert Dorsey

    if u build it right not just slap shit on it and it does not sound like a 30$ weedwacker that u buy a t walmart

  8. Robert Dorsey

    thumnail 2 honda hatchback civics really come a supra would woop the civics ass

  9. SJW rapist

    these people should cosplay as fast and furious characters LOL😂

  10. Iordache Alexandru

    It's is weird if I have butterflyes in my stomach when I see the cars? :))

  11. Lorem Ipsum

    And where are the girls in tight mini-shorts and one piece mini dresses :v?

  12. Halo Skylar fluffy assassin

    I'm in love with the shot of the car on three wheels. It's flawless