Too Fast to Race – The Group B Rally Monsters The ‘Group B’ International Motorsports Category was conceived in the late seventies as a return to …

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7 Responses

  1. Steven Yates

    and then silenced loomed over the rally tracks as modern day libtards decided that 600+hp was just too dangerous, now as a result we have cotton wool lined cars, with an on-board psycho-analyst just in case they get butt hurt, poor bastards :/

  2. Klasse Act

    Damn, Ari raced after that huge crash when he was in Group B, balls….that's all I can say!

  3. Kristian Isokorpi

    pleeeeesase. group b does NOT need speakers s music or other noise. the engines are THE point of those cars?

  4. BHALT0S

    no just no, I think you'll find that Mitsubishi, Dominated the Paris Dakar.