Top 10 Best Rally Cars of All Time | Pure Engine Sounds

Top 10 Best Rally Cars of All Time | Pure Engine Sounds Song: Motionless – She Got Lost In The Observatory.

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40 Responses

  1. Sergio Ramos

    me parece que te olvidas del verdadero number one Vw polo wrc

  2. darkoff95

    T'as fait plein d'erreurs, exemple appeler audi quattro la quattro s1, sur la hf integrale etc. t'es tout sauf un passionné de voitures, tu te bases uniquement sur les chiffres, mais la ford rs2000 par exemple, pas là, tu connais rien en rallye alors fais pas de vidéo dessus juste

  3. グチタカさん

    A part of Lancer Evolution 6 is Lancer Evolution 11. It's struck, by mistake?


    Where is the 206, 037, C4 and S4… I would have liked to see them, but nice video

  5. Ty Corcoran

    "A Japanise company could over come all of Euro Rally know how?" The cars were built in Germany!

  6. Danger dan

    subaru's dont even diserve to been on top ten list. cuz they come in way late in the rally scene. like the 90s. they weren't one of the pineers toyota to, but they hit the track hard. but still dont diserve it.

  7. Kool Great Bikes

    well, lancia integrale on the 1st place?….come on!…the beast (audi s1) it is

  8. Chopper Meir

    Best voted in what way? in terms of stats the c4 is easily the most successful car. also you state the Delta at 450hp yet the clips are of the grp A variant? this was not 450hp at all and a completely different car to the delta S4 grp B machine I think you are referring to.

  9. John Doe

    Im not sure, but i think the Lancia Delta had both a supercharger and a turbo, which makes it one of the quickest rally cars.


    alors deja la 205 T16 EVO 1 FAISAIT 340 CV et l EVO 2 = 420 CV , et avant 1998 c etait le championnat du monde des rallyes et non le WRC

  11. Josu Solaguren

    in my opinion, it's better the audi quattro than the lancia delta, remember the group b years, in the lancia died toivonen and his codriver ( i don't remember his name )
    meanwhile in audi nobody was died.

  12. Freddie Krueger

    i absolutely agree with this video ! (Y) Nice job. It was great to watch it again :)

  13. VintageOutboardMan

    8th place for the 205 T16??? No way, should be in the top 3 for sure

  14. peter millecento

    where is the 3 times rally champion fiat 131 abarth?