Top 10 Cars To Get You Started Drifting On Every Budget

Car prices rise as the video progresses. T-SHIRTS: US: EUROPE: SUBSCRIBE!

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42 Responses

  1. anto 458

    jesus christ you must be on a high payed job if you think you can by these on a budget

  2. Jerome Cobb

    i feel like your just naming popular jdm rwd cars
    most of those cars are not easy to find especially at a cheap price

  3. Calvin Huang

    Please link those songs
    So the owners don't take it down, ik what the songs are

  4. H E R S E N P A i

    Best car to drift here is AE86, S13, E36 and R32 and FRS

  5. doge

    that rx7 is the most beautiful car I've ever seen

  6. Brandon Proctor

    These cars are not for an everyday budget

  7. Allu Madigan

    Can a stock Infiniti g35 drift good? Because I'm planning on getting one

  8. Viper Zz

    for those who are interested in the outro ending song, San Holo the next episode

  9. Emanuel TheGamer

    the part with the E36 is from Romania 😀

  10. OrangeJuice

    Silvia Spec R S15, 240sx, Most my favourite drift cars

  11. S325i BMW

    Cheap lol a AE86 in europe is over 20k Parts are hard to find same for the SX Nissan and a RX7 same there its not cheap in europe here the best one JDM maybe is the miata MX5 the most the use in europe is the E36 bmw and the E30 bmw

  12. car noises

    an s2000 , nahhh the electric steering rack makes you man handle the car so much , and the parking brake is so far and akward , i mean if you want it sure go get one , but its just not my cup of tea

  13. Mad Driftzz

    Says cars to get you started drifting and none of the clips had drifting

  14. 1018 禮

    I'm Japanese. I think Germany cars are all look the same shape. Like a ball…

  15. alvin teo

    i hope i can get ke70 with 3sge beams,it is enough for me

  16. AQGaming

    I would do anything to be the age to drive now,I drool looking at these cars,one day I can get my drivers license,and manage to get Nissan 300ZX Fairlady,and fucking drive the fuck out of it,but,alas,the day will come

  17. XxXfedikXxX

    Δυσκολα κατω απο 10χιλιαρικα βρισκεις αυτοκινητο εδω συν σε βιαζει η εφορια για το 240sx που βρηκα τα μισα κομενα ηταν τα αλλα σκουρια και αλατα ειχαν για 350z στα 8χιλιαρικα και αυτο δυσκολο να το παρεις παλι εμποδιο η εφορια 😂

  18. Sea Rider

    this video is so good all the other ones are shit omg i love this vid so much

  19. Andrew Tran

    This is probably the best video on your channel TBH

  20. Emmanuel Nwagbara

    the song is called: Years & Years – King (MACE Remix)

  21. Pablo Lamatafeliz

    AE86 are very expensive at least in europe

  22. Finn J Parodies

    I just wish it would show the cars drifting

  23. TheTOMMOT

    I can't buy the Miata I don't fit in it 🙁