TOP 60 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle | MOTOCROSS FAILS 2016 -=HD=-

Top 60 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle (MOTOCROSS FAILS) GoPRO HD 2016 (MX FAILS) (fail army, epic fail). Unsuccessful fall on a motorcycle …

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33 Responses

  1. Absolute Magnitude

    Out of all the quads I've owned, including Quadzilla, Banshee, The 3 ATC 250R's I owned, the most dangerous thing I've owned and crashed the most on and got hurt the most on was a fucking 250cc dirt bike.

  2. Heine Jensen

    And most of these are head to head crashes… Hold your side or the track needs to be one way..

  3. Dandelion TUBE

    tu fait sa pour largent tu trouve pas que 11 pub en 10:12 mn c'est abuser sale escrot meme moi je fait pas dutout de pub dans mes video aucune nes monietiser

  4. Dirtbike Studios

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I clicked the click bait and so did you

  5. George Chunen

    I bought a new 1981 465 Yammie brand new, had handle bars bent in 15 seconds after starting.

  6. Andrew Freestone

    Dude like did jump an den land dude on the guy in front of him duuudde

  7. FinnoX HD

    wie kann man bitte sowas veröffentlichen wenn sich menschen schwer verletzen?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Jordan

    These bring back the memories of riding, made me wince!

  9. Fernando Gomez Basura


  10. Yandel Peres

    esta cagada jajajajajaajajajaja 🚴 luzec motos cagadas

  11. Richard Salazar

    I always hear the same question, Are you all right? Of course he's not all right. Next question!