TOP Extreme Truck Hill CLIMB Race

All the best of Truck Offroad Hill Climbing! Raw footage without music, just the sound of raw horsepower! Tatra 6×6, 8×8, Praga V3S… Next MONSTERs are here: …

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25 Responses

  1. John Stamper

    I got an old F250 with 35in buckshot mudders and lockers and I guarantee it will make it as far as these guys. It probably wouldn't come out the top with that run but would make it just as far as these 6×6 trucks.

  2. josh jacobs

    that would piss me off once they did those ruts with the huge nobbys its hard for the other guys to get out of them…..maybe im missing something but it seems unfair but i know ya grade a clean hill for every truck

  3. Clorex Bleach

    Benz 4×4 squared would do this with ease thanks to it's humongous ground clearance (differential & motor is all lifted up).

  4. ☣droid☣

    Cool wacky machines! They all needed more wheel speed. Diesel is a very poor choice. They need some good old force-fed American V8 gasoline power. THAT'S hill climbing! 🙂

  5. MrColdwatercanyon

    Europe likes the impossible climb formate Ive watch a motorcycle climb and know one made it lots of carnage

  6. Doctouchette

    they should mesure the rear wheel not the front..

  7. Randy Mcgrew

    sounds like their limited to power and speed pretty kool

  8. Jj Price

    What the fuck are they driving?!
    Where The Fuck Do They Get These Machines?
    WHY AM I HERE?!?!


  9. Javan Russell

    Ya umm 😐….. these guys never seen an ATV or purposely built hill climbers?

  10. MensHelpTv

    Some of the tires look old, and I think this is the problem, besides many bottom out.

  11. Razorwind

    These guys need some horsepower in their life.

  12. truenoczech

    To je hodně ubohý i na český poměry ….. 😀

  13. walter kersting

    Did any one think of just using a garbage truck for this? Oh yeah, I guess pretty much everybody did exactly that because that is what you use to climb a hill.

  14. walter kersting

    I'm going out on a limb here and saying this isn't the next big thing.

  15. Ebba Vera Nice

    ffs…NO successssssss ?????? crackhead uploader

  16. Ron Becker

    When the axle housing starts to push dirt then you are screwed regardless of power.

  17. bumba Phuck

    i see the problem, needs more beans

  18. lover boy

    would be a bit better if the hill was actually possible to climb

  19. Emerson Grant

    Looks like Europe isn't even in the game.

  20. FireWaia

    Extreme? Hahahaha! It's god damn tractors! My honda civic would get up that little speedbump, hahahaha!

  21. ace b

    God damn, this was fun watching as paint drying…

  22. Samuel Clark

    why that short wheel base tractor thought it had a chance lol