Top Gear : Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter – Top Gear – BBC

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38 Responses

  1. The Silent Freedom Fighter

    Sports cars with air brakes? Makes sense when you want to slow down from 400km/h or whatever.

  2. Lucas Silva

    Mais esse cara queria competir com isso kkk claro q tinha qui perder kkk

  3. G&T: apprenti pilote

    For the first time an English machine win versus a French machine

  4. bastiaan0741

    If a show gets 2 bugatti veyrons and a eurofighter to do their fun stuff, you've got a winner.

  5. shahnawaz ghori

    20,000 LBS of thrust an su27 has 54,000 LBS of thrust!!!!

  6. Chris Bristle

    Have it race with a North American X-15 with wheels.

  7. Fin

    They should do this drag race again, but with the new Bugatti Veyron.. I can see a good race between the two..

  8. Karim Noor

    please do a video bugatti chiron with f16 fighter

  9. Chuzooki

    Jet has the force of gravity on its side going down

  10. nathan manoj

    I have the same exact smart car toy model from india

  11. Aloha Snackbar

    There's no way 196 mph (Bugatti) can beat about 500 – 700 mph (jet).

  12. Peeet Taranto

    German Engineering vs mostly german Engineering

  13. Jr Varela

    Vayron is not legendary car next generation Chiron revenge with Jets

  14. Neel Patel

    This is nice Bugatti Veryon and a fighter jet that is cool

  15. Weißbrot Waigmann

    You would have a bigger chance when you had used a Koenigsegg one:1, nobody needs bullshit like Bugatti or Lamborghini

  16. Jamie Mendez

    No car however fast 🏎 will never be in the same class as any military fighter jet 🛩. Sorry. But it was a good 👍 try for the car. I enjoyed that race. It was awesome.

  17. Mike 57

    It was only a few million when first watched the vid. Now it reached 31m amazing. My 2nd best race in top gear after the mclaren f1 vs veyron

  18. Matt Animation

    It's a bit like a Forza horizon showcase event

  19. Ashley Johansson

    The only thing that can beat a Jet in speed is a rocket.

  20. Im2thug4uyourfatmotherfucker ifuckedyourbich

    Like is You're taking a shit in 2017 and watching this