Top Pro CarX Drift Racing

For next video is rc body shell painting and interior.

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    I mostly like to use the godzilla and the other car i forgot what's it called i think weillington or some thing but yeah

  2. Виктор Евграфов

    С 0:28 начинается: Соси мяч, Соси!

  3. Виктор Евграфов

    С 0:28 начинается: Соси мяч, соси! Соси!

  4. Quando você ler os comentários eu estarei lá

    I can do Better than this

  5. carbonated ricer

    pro drifting means drifting with perfect combos and not hitting the wallsNOT SPINNING LIKE A RETARD

  6. Han-Solo

    allways the same fucking music in every single video on youtube !!!

  7. The Communist Potato

    dislike. no eurobeat. belive me add running in the 90” on the background and everything changes!