Toy Cars Drifting on Matchbox Motorway

Please see my Matchbox Motorway Matchbox Convoy Trucks playlist …

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14 Responses

  1. daniel ferstendig

    ferrari is 1989 nissan z car is 1990 lumina stock car is 1990

  2. Kcool_Turbo

    Here is an idea. Why not merge 2 videos (James bond cars, drifting) to make a james bond car chase video?

  3. Richard Kubinec

    Awesome idea how to force them to drift, hands down :)

  4. Hotwheels and Matchbox cars and customs

    watched and saved the playlist love them all need more please

  5. G.I. JOE FAN 2001

    Who makes the yellow car and why are you on hiatus?

  6. uli “enigmaworld” enigma

    You should do another jumping vídeo like the one you did in the past with cars jumping a ramp,

    Loved this one this and the parade going now to my playlist 

  7. JohnnyTheCarNut 67

    Really nice man, very cool, love it, thank you for sharing.