Toyota Levin AE86 RC Drifting and Racing Mode Demo

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17 Responses

  1. Recenzje i Opinie Kanałów by Adam

    5.08 BLIND ATTACK?

  2. Mal Games

    I got this before and I've been drifting with the car for a day and now it's bad

  3. SparkleInfused

    how dose it drift its all wheel drive da hell

  4. GGGel

    Thanks for this review. I just got this as a present from my girlfriend and couldn't wait to try it out. It looks like a ton of fun from this video. Subbed and liked

  5. Nathan Bragdon

    how long do the aaa batt last in it? I ordered. one yesterday I'm thinking rechargeable cuz I want to fuck with my cat for hrs lol

  6. SloMo06

    People say awd drifting isn't drifting but i say it's a different type

  7. SloMo06

    I'm getting one for christmas. I want One so bad right now!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sameer Shahzad

    Good drift car it's like original car drift

  9. InDmand

    Its a trueno not a levin, you can tell by the headlights as they're popup, levins have fixed headlights. (:

  10. Samuel Ross

    I know its an old vid, but this is actually a Trueno AE86. Levin's dont have the pop up headlights, but it doesn't matter because its a legit toy car! I just ordered one of amazon for less than $15, and am way too excited for it to arrive. Cheers!