Travis Pastrana & David Higgins Rally America – Launch Control Eps 7 Season 3

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12 Responses

  1. Travis Allen

    I couldn't be the navigator.. I get motion sick while reading in a moving car

  2. GarlicKnotz

    Does each driver's passengers get a layout for the course, or do they have to drive it and make thier own notes for the actual race. Im talking about when there naming off turns and speeds and what not while there driving nutz deep in speed's asshole..

    have a day!

  3. Sincee1809

    Why dont they drive in the WRC or WRC2 or WRC3?


    Oh that Apple user, taking video in portrait mode!

  5. Cristian Pantu

    Narrator's depressing tone ruins the video..

  6. Hinata Hyuga

    love your  videos, very professional…. STI fan

  7. sweefu2

    Damn, where is the next episode?? This is the best show, can't wait to see how it ends

  8. LazyRock

    Its weird to see a subaru in rally again. Also using sequential gearbox. In FIA group N (the class with the evos and subarus) can not use sequential gearbox.

  9. iyan manzano

    newer one is 5 seconds faster than the older sti?! woah!

  10. Skylin Megas

    Love this … All the angles makes you feel as if your in control of a super race sim