Travis Pastrana sets record for Mt. Washington hillclimb

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43 Responses

  1. Sal Handsoap

    Dude going 30 mph up there is enough. One wrong turn and you are done for.

  2. MrMom442w30

    Ivebeen up that road a few times, its no joke. The view takes ur breath away, literally. There is one turn that does a 120 degree left and up at 20degrees. I love it up there. The cog rail isn't for anyone with anxiety. Found that out once lol.

  3. Zeta Male

    Wimps …. try the Pikes Peak hill climb out west … goes well over you 6200 feet

  4. Ernie Ramirez

    Pastrana is fucking slow, he's only fast because his high budgets.

  5. Ipee freeli

    So, when I first stared driving, apparently I needed a co-driver.  We did this shit on back roads when I was 17 and I guarantee we did it just as fast without a co-driver yelling out "quick left 6 then up right7.

  6. Martin Kadlec

    I thought that hillclimb is driven without co-driver.

  7. TheArchon776

    Just ab boy, the 69year old Walter Röhrl will top him! :)

  8. butte hurter

    They should develop a technology if it hasn't been already made yet that lets you enter the data from a laptop into the onboard memory into the car and have the track information read both to the driver and passenger on a heads up display in front of the driver and on a tv screen mounted on the dash.

  9. butte hurter

    If that passenger was to read one of those numbers wrong your DEAD.

  10. Michel Fortin

    Amazing. I went up this road on a motorcycle and part of it is absolutely scary at slow speed. Quite a feat.

  11. Lane Ruarks

    I've always wondered if travis is afraid of death, like in this video he laughs about if something goes wrong he will go off the side of the cliff. like he laughing in the face of death

  12. Andrew Evans

    Introducing the man who told the world that a rice rocket might actually be a car. pffft

  13. Laurence Scroggins

    Couldn't help but notice not a single Evo fanboy in the comments. Come on no Shitbaru, Slowbaru, Subapoop come backs??? You guys are really disappointing me.

  14. romteb

    Pastrana like Ken block are excellent at PR and showmanship, they don't hold a candle to real professional (and generally much more humble) drivers though like has been demonstrated each time they actually tried to race against some, they got their ass handed to them, they are fake and fraud, like much everything in the USA

  15. fiestacassarole

    Next time I go to the grocery store I'm gonna call pace notes

  16. Nihilus

    The amount of trust between driver and co-driver…. serious business.

  17. trashounet

    He set it just because Sebastien Loeb didn't tried it….

  18. NOSfusion

    This got my adrenaline going! I was actually nervous for his passenger lol

  19. Amzouz Ben Cassem

    America is gay and americunts are fags and pastrana is a douche ^^

  20. cant can

    That took me 40 minutes drove up there!!! deviate the road 30 cm you dead!!!!

  21. YURI*H

    David Higgins did it 10 seconds faster and without a co driver.