Travis Pastrana wins Moto X Speed and Style

Travis Pastrana beats out Nate Adams in Moto X Speed and Style at X Games 16 in Los Angeles. SUBSCRIBE ▻ X Games has been …

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40 Responses

  1. TheStillillwill

    i grew up in MAMA and he was the man….stil is

  2. travis Fell


  3. misael abner pastrana bautista

    yo soy pastrana y él es de mi familia

  4. Fabiola Ponciano

    alguém pode me dizer o nome de uma dessas motos?

  5. Sarah Cantwell

    Travis Prastana 😰😁🌙🌍🌍😱😰😬🖥🐈⛳️😂😘😆🐈💩😈😰

  6. leon westerman


  7. leon westerman


  8. Christopher Whitfield

    my daughter when to nitro circus with me because she loves you travis

  9. Joao Victor Vial Dias

    Opeste vei to pensando aqii nao tem pra ninguem nao doido TRAVIS PASTRANA se é loko vei esse cara é o bixo

  10. Brandon Quenneville

    Adams ha you can't ride worth shit! Jump monkey

  11. Eric B

    you can definitely tell Travis used to be a pro racer, so much rhythm compared to Nate.

  12. Alan Morais

    Você percebe que os pais criaram um lesado quando vc vê os videos do filho kkk esse cara é um monstro….

  13. Marshal

    I love how every single time Pastrana is interviewed after an event, be it moto or rally, he's absolutely coursing with adrenaline. Just too fast for his own mouth. It's amazing how dialed in he must be as an athlete. What a guy.

  14. Nate Gariepy

    It's to bad travis stopped his mx racing career. he's so good!

  15. Dan Thompson

    they want to see style and speed… put barcia on there