Trial Bike Stunts Through Red Bull Factory ★ Dougie Lampkin ★ Freestyle Motorcycle Fun

Trending video from Dougie Lampkin riding his trial bike through the Red Bull Factory, performing all kinds of crazy freestyle motorcycle stunts. One destination …

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50 Responses

  1. Petros Niforatos

    where is the room that you are fapping bulls?

  2. Tiny McPoop

    the slow motion of the people eating at 1:53 was just fucking stupid.

  3. Eric Pelky

    I understand the vid, yet I really don't want to. "OUCH"

  4. Matthew Hoelscher

    Red Bull Factory? Didn't see any Red Bull being made.

  5. Alex Perez Serra

    gilipollas aprende a no poner caricaturas en las qualos parece que el vídeo no lo presenta nadie