Truck VS Cars Meilleurs Moments! Drag

Meilleurs courses de truck vs auto. Mettant en vedette Coga, Sylvain Noël et Eric Bouchard. Tout les séquences ont été filmées au Québec.

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30 Responses

  1. CrismaFire

    trucks are fast too. With a 15 or 18 speed can hit upwards of 150 mph or 240 kph approx empty. That is just a street truck.

  2. Alejandro Zuniga

    tht viper driver doesnt realize he doesnt have trac control lol

  3. meme.

    holy shit these trucks are SAVAGES just racing past the car like "yo"

  4. nick grant

    No lift shifting the semi like a boss

  5. Adam

    very cool… I'd like to see a very heavily modified big rig race an equally heavily modified street legal drag car… it'd be very interesting, granted modifying the truck would cost so much more

  6. Johnathan Doe

    the car drivers just floor it. they dont even try to hook up

  7. scottakasprite

    Those trucks are fast, yes. But get drivers in the cars that know HOW to drive. Of course you lose when you're smoking your tires.

  8. bracsim

    that really hurt, sorry Goverment Motors hahaha

  9. Gabe Kremer

    Not really a race when you crank out 1800ft/lbs of torque at 1500 rpm stock

  10. Audiwan Kenobi

    this gross display of torque makes me smile.

  11. Jerrick Williams

    I love commercial vehicles but I didn't know they coup beat my favorite car but not the same year

  12. Henry Thomas

    Those sports cars are gettin' the brakes beaten off them by those big ass trucks.  One word: Torque.

  13. john creed

    WTF!! that poor biker at 2.00 minutes, viper nearly squashed the poor bloke!!

  14. mylittleponydude

    hey, put one of those trucks against the Bugatti Veyron, see how they fair then

  15. motoCrossRider211

    Just look up "coga peterbilt"

  16. motoCrossRider211

    That truck (peterbilt 379) has 2000+HP, i seen it drag bikes cars and trucks, it aint no joke

  17. Mike Columbia

    Us dumb the cars spin and loose on purpose too please audience

  18. Shawn White

    I am so happy to see this I love trucks thanks

  19. Shawn White

    I am so happy to see this I love trucks thanks

  20. Max Nuber

    i hate to say it, but if the car drivers would know how to properly start a car on a drag strip they would have always beaten the trucks. But still very impresive^^

  21. brandon olney

    In every video it looks like the truck just wins because of a shitty driver who cant manage wheelspin.