Trying A Lap In A Dakar Rally Car – Fifth Gear

Tiff goes for a drive with Dakar Rally winning driver Giniel de Villiers in his modified Toyota Hilux. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite …

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35 Responses

  1. jaisson molina

    me gusta el dakar y digo que la hilux es la mejor del de todos los tienpos y losera por
    mucho tiempo.

  2. TheS1PikesPeak

    I totally misunderstood the title, i thought they trying a lap like a lap on track with that thing… xD

  3. Emile Viljoen

    To be fair to Vicky, there is a Hilux 4l V6 version available and it may well be the model to compare the Dakar model to (not the diesel D4D). I would say it is the fault of the video editor…that clip of the 3.0 badge was inserted during video editing.

  4. Sorin Laslea

    the hilux d4d is an inline 4 engine!!!…Viky…what are you saynig???

  5. prr49

    Love this car so much ! The sound of the engine live it's something out of this world ! We have 3 in Portugal racing on the national championship

  6. Ara J

    the awkward moment when you hot a car show while not knowing the hilux 3.0 is inline 4 and not V6 loll

  7. Colinator4321

    :45 I thought the baja 1000 was the most grueling motor sport event in the world

  8. Bernardo Ferreira

    The dakar Hilux has a Lexus RC-F V8 engine, and 285 kW(382 hp) of power and over 600 Nm of torque.
    I saw this information in toyota website.
    They dont know the real numbers…..

  9. evo emperor

    The fuck really? this is fifth gear and already a wrong information? i had to search on wiki to confirm because i know it doesn't have a v6 diesel that produce a stupid output of 144 hp?

  10. senyo02

    D4D 3.0 liter engines have a four cylinder 16 valve inline 4 cylinder engine, not a V6 Vicky 😉


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