Turbo DRAG Civic – Stick Shifted ROCKET!

Who would have thought that a little 4 cylinder Civic would put up a fight against come fierce competition at The Shop Inc’s I29 No Prep series!? Talk about some …

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47 Responses

  1. Matthew Maxwell

    Badass cars for sure, but it sounds like a some mowers racing.

  2. charlie yang

    What size turbo is that? Are you running boost by gear as well?

  3. vinnie panicciajr

    1320 that civic was the worst car u have videod yet..

  4. Shake Rattle and Roll Garage

    that's one nasty little Honda!! Thing sounds like it's ready to tear you a new one

  5. Wolf Tribeca

    I like the eg hatch look I like the power to weight ratio and the compact of a 1.8t I just dislike the sound ,it sounds like crap .

  6. V360Newzealander

    Lol so many haters in here, half of you cunts most probably don't own a fast car.

  7. j. Beltran

    great vid man
    keep doing more of this kind of cars 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Elijah Chu

    not very fast off the line, but that thing picks up Hella good top end.

  9. Cameron Myers

    Y'all should get boostedboiz on here they got some pretty quick hondas

  10. Joe11Blue

    LOL! He tree'd everyone except the notchback. That's a well setup bubble.

  11. Youblixuous

    Would have loved to see the times it posted since the cars it went up against looked pretty slow.

  12. Cleto

    Not really and import person, let alone a Honda guy but this is a clean build

  13. solverlok583

    here i was thinking that my integra was concerned being too slow for 1320 video's.. i thought this thing would atleast be making 460+

    but all in all 300+ in any lightweight car is always fun..

  14. Mike letteer

    check out boosted boiz they got 2 faster Hondas then that

  15. Mark McSwain

    Very cool Honda! Nice work. Makes me wish I didn't sell my old 92 civic si hatch in 2001. I would have kept it had I known how far these cars were going go with power and engine swaps. Might have to get another one…

  16. NoPointOfThis123

    God damn those launches are violent as fuck. Doesn't need a hell of a lot of power to be fast.

  17. Oh Pulse

    kinda sad when u have to out stick shift in the title bc people think fast civics are auto or somehow don't have a clutch but isn't auto? seen that one before no one explained it to me tho

  18. beast from the east

    damn seeing these civic hatchbacks with that engine set up brings back so many memories. ahh, the good ole days.

  19. kevin lor

    lol talk shit all you want. 1320 have better videos of Hondas killing the streets.