Twin Turbo Corvette vs RC Car

We got to play around racing one of our modified RC cars against a twin turbo C5 Corvette. Normally the Vette makes over 1000hp but he turned it down a little …

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35 Responses

  1. I help anytime

    It raced against the 1995 24h of Le Mans winner but with the RC version.

  2. Vincent Vega

    It's not really a fair comparison when the white car has a man in and the black car does'nt.

  3. ayelmaowhatsup

    The acceleration of the RC car is faster than that of the corvette. If the distance was any further, then the corvette would have won.

  4. chester g

    The person who controls rc should sit inside of corvette so it can be a real match

  5. rocktheworld010

    In the second run, sounds like the guy driving the corvette doesn't know how to drive it very well.

  6. The Mitch Zone

    Omg, I've heard the engines from big trucks that wasn't as loud and heavy as this car's engine sounds! 😮

  7. Fight Barrier

    it lunch speed is frecking amazing but im sure that the corvette will kick hes ass on end speed

  8. Wolfpack Alpha

    why didn't you just drive behind the rc car so you don't lose signal?

  9. Mister- Wobble-Step

    Useless why is the car keep going off the road?


    at run 2 the corvette jumped a millisecond ahead of the rc car but the rc car still made that up


    Taking my RC car out for a run on Monday when I get the hell outta school