Twin Turbo Lamborghini – Drag Racing

You don’t get to see this everyday. A pair of twin turbo Lamborghini’s running the 1/4 mile. That mph shows these cars are making some serious hp.

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48 Responses

  1. bayu himawan

    bagus banget ini gimana rasanya ya kalau punya mobil lamborghini

  2. TheTapdancer4ever

    What the hell…9.88? The guy wasn't wearing a helmet. You got 9 second cars running without safety gear?

  3. vortech ysi

    Fucking lambo is slow out of the gate but fuck it's mile an hour is like a Hayabusa with a turbo. If they could ever get these lambos to launch could get in the 7s.

  4. TC Swag

    typical lambo 60ft is always trash , that launch control

  5. Michael R

    c7 hooked up and ran. bet it gets much more consistent times

  6. Edward Wellema

    if these guys could actually drive theyd be in the 8s.

  7. Darrius White

    mr Lamborghini why did you put it in nurtleal and rev it instead of holding down the cluch

  8. Shocktrooper USA

    lmao @ the guy in the piece of shit white truck, pulling ricer shit by putting on his hazards thinking he won but then the lambo blows by him and takes the win.

  9. Gabriel Hill

    Off the line..bad for Lambo drivers..down the strip good for Lambo drivers. These ones anyway. Mullet runs it with his Lambo though.


    what was that speed in the last 170mph on Lamborghini gallardo tt sl and 148mph on Corvette c7 . the Corvette was quicker than the Lamborghini..

  11. Michael Meola

    god dam can you burn the clutch in the Lambo a little more lol

  12. Tim Smith

    People kill me on here. The vette kicked that lambo ass cause it ran like 3 tenths quicker in the quarter then lambo did. See how far that vette is behind in a real mans race called the 1/2 mile it would be way more then 3 tenths of a second. Trap speed tells you everything.

  13. Luq Man

    Some pussy named Pancho Villa disabled replies to his comment lol.

  14. iluvinternalcombustion

    No helmet?? With the windows open?? At my local track you need a helmet if you run sub 13's, a roll cage if you run sub 10 seconds. And windows must be up for all cars.

  15. Hshudooh

    that blood red lambo looks fresh as a mfer .😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Nova Era

    im pretty sure that grey superlight has 6-speed manual gated stick shifter

  17. Boost6

    this page being named after a corvette it was nice seeing a vette kill it at the end

  18. screwloose455

    Maybe someday someone will actually launch a turbo Lamborghini, instead of this granny shit. Yes I know they're expensive and shit will probably break…but they're some of the gayest 'launches' ever heh

  19. MrNicktoonslover

    what the fuck 9.88 with no helmet what kinda shit track are you at. Probably no cage in that shit either

  20. grabir01

    Wow !! Fast LAmbo. Fast Vette too.. Can a V10 Viper do 9's?

  21. Luciano Tellez

    did the vette beat the lambo in the last drag race?? sick rides btw