Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo’s drag – UGR and Heffner

Here is a couple passes from these two TT Gallardos that were at the track friday night. Unfortunately we don’t have much info on either car, and they were …

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46 Responses

  1. Sports Video Games

    The Heffner tuned Gallardo Accelerates an grips better!

  2. brod2504

    ok so u have 1000horsepower but what maybe 850-900 ftlbs and u cant keep a tranny together long enough to launch the thing hard that sucks if i paid that much for a car ide definatly spend the money to get a trans to hold just saying step your game up UGR

  3. goo5976

    Fact is, they can't launch because of the tranny. Another fact, is that nothing beats ugr on the highway

  4. Augusto Milano

    Eae boy?! Achou na caixa de ceral?? hahahaha Ô corridinha feia.

  5. Key The Great

    These trolls wouldnt even know how to pull those monsters out of a driveway let alone race em. The six spd tranny isnt even built to handle half that power let alone 1500. I understand them being cautious to avoid clutch dumping and tearing the drivetrain apart

  6. Troy dejesu

    everyone commenting on the launches are retarded, they are 1500hp cars, they 2 step them to spool the turbos but the tranny cant take a 1500hp clutch drop… this is the only way they can launch without turning the drivetrain to dust

  7. ArcticRunner750

    looks like the heffner ran around 9.25 and the ugr 10

  8. Davisracing47

    Goes to show you money cant make you drive but they can floor it at 40 on a roll.We dont start football at haft time start at 0 mph and dragrace roll fags

  9. jtmagicman25

    Do they even know how to launch… my god, that was a disgrace. a GSX would smash those cars with wayyyy less HP's unless they learn the art of the dig.

  10. Kaaa

    1:46 – what a disastrous launch, da fuq, both of them, did they look at the semaphore at all? xD

  11. Sports Video Games

    These Lambo babies have more potential than what you just watched! Put better drivers and better tuning to the cars to unleashed its hidden potential!

  12. Jozef DaNos

    V10 turbo 10.8 sec ??? hehe knows this much one 2.4 all motorcyclists car!

  13. Mark Scott

    Seem to have really bad reaction times. Awesome cars though.

  14. jackson7177

    All that money into a car an doesn't know how to race both of them WOW all they know how is to go fast on the freeway 😲😳😞😂

  15. villen

    I think people in the comments just enjoy acting stupid….. All of us here KNOW that these lambos are insanely fast and obviously more capable than the video is showing

  16. ilovebeer69me

    although the cars are impressive it looks like Michael j fox was launching that shit

  17. tipptapp1

    orange ugr lambo is 1250whp race fuel, dunno heffner specs

  18. MrTheMrhappy

    They roll start because they are stock trannies and drivetrains and if they would drag race them continously, the trannies would blow up after just a couple of races and a gallado transmision must be quite expensive…

  19. Kelvin Mims

    I don't think it s matter of them not knowing how to launch. But more an issue about how much you want to beat the FK-out of a small clutch that doesn't last long anyhow and will cost $5K min to have swapped.

  20. aleksandarfriscic

    People,its a already insane gallardo with turbines from satan's balls,you think you would floor the throttle?

  21. Eduardo Henrique Lopes

    incredible cars , fantastic turbo kits , but dumbass losers rich pilots

  22. Will Spears

    Crappy driving, and Lambo's aren't good from a stop anyways