Ultimate Drag Race Tournament 24 Fastest Cars GTA V

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46 Responses

  1. Firmin Duijsens

    Do it on the airfield because lots of didn't got theit max speed (with the current 24 fastest)

  2. LetsPlay2day

    But the Z-type is still the fastest car in the game

  3. Mason Kole

    Can you redo this video with the top current 24 fastest vehicles in GTA V Online?

  4. JeebusFTW

    Should have put the cars of the same class together not mix them up

  5. Vasco Palha

    Bottom left coner of course the osiris fucking won its a super car vs sports also with the t20

  6. DylerPlays

    unfurness wins in the first race against t20 and zentorno

  7. TrueMoney Gaming

    My friend has a dewbache and it was faster than a t20


    do a 5 mile race. your way of side by side is best video.

  9. Kristan Naggasar

    look at date for who said he did not add pfister 811

  10. DylerPlays

    salen won by a lot when i paused it, nearly 200 millsenconds 1000 on my timer is a second sac same as my a normal timer

  11. DylerPlays

    i have a timer 1 millsecond in the diffrents so i get why he said the tied im going to test the salen know

  12. DylerPlays

    t20 won i was pausing and unpausing the video it was cloce t20 braked before zentorno and the frount of the finish line was to cloce to call but the end of the finshline t20 was past it when zentorno wasent