Ultimate Mercedes-AMG Drag Race: six cars… 3268hp… one winner! | Head2Head

Mercedes-AMG makes some of the best engines in the world. Each is hand built under the one man one engine philosophy, but which is best? The 2.0-litre …

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21 Responses

  1. Ruifeng Zhou

    why even bother with the SLC? I know it's named "AMG" by Mercedes, but it is just not an AMG.

  2. Sinaye Nhlanzeko

    Yeah please do the same with the M Sports and the RS models

  3. MegaUnavailableusern

    these cars are all too slow for the price. audi beats the crap out of them and even a porshe, gtr, nsx, all wreck these over priced cars.

  4. 76ers

    3:11 or 4:05 or 6:21 – Can someone please explain why manufacturers allow the engine to twist/move so much instead of bolting it rigid so it doesn't move at all whenever you rev the engine?

  5. Hacı Murad 131

    Why they didnt use the 2.0 lt 4 cyl .straight line rather than 3.0 lt 367 hp ? Is it long lived ?

  6. N BChox

    that was embarrassing for a a series to keep up to the gt…

  7. meso06

    i wish you had better camera angles of the drag race. Too much Matt not enough cars and you should have told us the results and times. You missed critical info there. Everything else was delivered well as usual.

  8. RexSpec555

    The sound these cars make is why Teslas will always have limited appeal.